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I'm writing a short, alternate universe fanfiction with all of Alice Nine, Uruha, Takeru, Sou [Lolita23q] in it. It's set in Wonderland, of course, inspired by Alice In Wonderland and a manga spoof called "Where Is Alice?" which if you haven't read, I suggest you read it. I'll be posting the story here in addiction to my LJ.

Welcome to Wonderland! We have been waiting for you!
The crowd cheered, funny looking creatures danced, growing bigger and smaller. There were men with long rabbit ears, some with gray tails, others had strange inhuman eyes.
“No! No!” came cries of a girl. She appeared suddenly, in the middle of the crowd, with dashing outfit and chains around her big but strong arms that dangling dangerously in the air. Her bloody hands grabbed both sides of me, shaking me. “Shou, can you hear me? Don’t come. Don’t-”
My vision blurred out the moment a fair hand with black polished nails and a strange purple symbol painted on back closed over the girl’s mouth. When it blurred back in, the girl was replaced by a man in a purple top hat whose face was so close to mine that the blue diamonds that were decorated underneath the his eyes blinded me instantly. So, from his fair skin, I could tell that the restraining hand was his.
I shut my eyes to avoid the bright reflection from his diamonds, everything was black.
However, I could feel the other man’s smile as if I was seeing it with my very own eyes… sly, entertained, scary… so very scary… “Hajimemashita” What? What was he saying? Wasn’t he speaking Japanese? But then why don’t I understand a word of it? I knew he was able to read my thoughts, I could feel his smile grow wider… and wider… “It has started,” came his answer in perfect English. This time, I understood it well, almost as if English was my first language. Though, suddenly, I realized that his voice had faded into a whisper. He was smiling, the strange man was smiling at me, “It’s time to wake up… for now,” he grinned, he was fading, fading slowly; both his voice and image was getting unclear, but I could still hear his exact words, “I’ll be awaiting our real meeting… Alice.” 
What is he saying? I don’t understand a thing. Who is Alice? Could it be… me?
Suddenly, I was falling, falling through a hole that never seemed to end. I screamed, but no one was there to save me. Darkness surrounded me. Is this going to continue forever?
“Wake up… wake up… wake up and escape from this crazy world,” it was her voice again, the girl who was trying to warn me about something earlier, but this time, she was singing in a cheerful melody, “stay here too long and you’ll be caught. You’ll never want to leave. This is Wonderland, this is Wonderland. I shall say goodbye till we meet again my dear Alice.”
Beside me, Hiroto, Saga, Tora, and Nao appeared. They were falling just like me; they were hearing the very same song. In their minds, they were asking themselves the very same question, “Who is Alice? Am I Alice?”


Yes, it's meant to be a confusing prologue, you'll see once I'm done with the first chapter. Comments?
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