Alicia Clara Jones --- Avengers OC

Nicknames: Al and AJ
Age: 26
Powers: Electrokinesis (the ability to control electricity.)
Music Tastes: Hard rock, metal. She likes bands such as Otep, Powerman 5000, Mudvayne, Nonpoint, and Thousand Foot Krutch.
History: Though much of her history is unknown due to her telling a different story to everyone who asks about it, what is known to most is that she's been a nomad living in her car for several years.
Born in Gainesville, Florida to Stephen and Caroline Jones, she grew up a normal girl and only child with an athletic background. Her father a Marine, she would often accompany him during his morning workouts. In middle school and high school, she was a goalie in soccer. She was responsible for the broken legs of several girls on the opposing team in this position. However, her own leg broke once, and her nose broke multiple times from attempting to block the ball, and it hit her square in the face.
She got her powers after being struck by lightning on a family trip when she was 18. She was hospitalized for a month, and when her powers started manifesting, they were out of control. Al severely hurt her mother when it started. She freaked, dropped out of school, and set off on her own. She's been a nomad since then. In the beginning, she would stick around for a while, long enough to gain a few friends and attempt to do good. However, this would always backfire when her powers went out of control.
Personality: Alicia (or Al for short) is a bit odd, with her head in the clouds somewhat. When asked about her past, she will make up something slightly ridiculous. Her story is always changing depending on the one asking. She appears to be an always cheerful girl, and she happily plays along with peoples' perception of her as weird, yet harmless and cute. Being underestimated is something she is used to and doesn't mind, and she won't correct anyone if they assume that she is weak and not capable of much.
Al has been a nomadic car-dweller for many years, moving from town to town across the United States. She never stays in one place long enough to develop any sort of relationship with anyone. She runs when things go badly in life, and they usually do when her powers go out of control. She's quite broken and paranoid about the lack of control she has over her powers. She is very reluctant to use them, as they prove to be a danger rather than a benefit more often than not. She has hurt innocent people because of her control, or lack thereof, over her powers, which is why she's a nomad living in her car.
She floats around in life without much purpose because she refuses to stay anywhere for long. She doesn't really have any marketable skills, so her main source of income comes from small jobs and hunting and selling game.
She tries to enjoy the small things in life, and is prone to random acts of generosity, perhaps as some minor attempts to make amends for things she's not proud of. However, she also displays a dark streak, and casually says negative things. Her dark streak began to manifest a long time ago as a defense mechanism. It allows her to justify what she's not proud of so that she isn't consumed by guilt. For example, that one ally she killed when her powers went whack? He was probably going to betray her, anyway.
Alicia has many layers, and she doesn't allow anyone to see who she really is. She truly wishes to do good. However, she believes that she is not a good person, though this is not something she becomes depressed about. She merely accepts it as fact. She knows she has the potential to murder when her powers go whack, so she distances herself so as she doesn't need to fear hurting someone she cares about.
She keeps others at arms' length by not letting them know her, and anything she tells anyone about herself is likely a lie. She exaggerates her odd nature in public, using it as a tool to keep others from even wanting to know her. With her nomadic ways, she finds making friends to be pointless. Why get close if it means putting yourself through the pain of missing them?

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