alissa valerie anne muller

:: alissa valerie anne muller
:: seventeen
:: esti ginzburg
:: december twentieth
:: berlin, germany
:: beaches, smoothies, fashion, art, lace, denim, rings, white, earrings, purple, friends, starbucks, family, insomnia, shopping, blogging, swimming, designing, magazines, chinese food, america, italy, spain, photography, animals & travelling
:: bad hair, fakes, dyes, wannabees, spiders, annoying people, lies, secrets, bad style & untrustworthy people
:: designing
:: white, purple, red, blue, black and silver.
:: chanel & gucci & bottega veneta.
:: father : lukas muller : 4O : owner of muller inc.
:: mother : brigitta muller : 4O : c.e.o of vogue germany
:: brother : matthias muller : 18 : yale student
:: sister : veronika muller : 18 : harvard student
:: slight ocd & diabetic.
:: i`m hopefully an elite rp'er on many elite rp clubs and have been roleplaying for about three years.
:: alissa muller / 15 / this girls got guts
{ insert polyvore here }
i make my way into the starbucks outlet, taking
in the sweet scent of freshly brewed coffee
beans, and freshly baked pastries. i sashay
up to the counter and look up briefly at the
overhead menu before ording quickly.
" caramela mocha frappe please "
:: you choose.
:: because i would like an invite only clique and i`m not sure which non-invitec clique would fit me best, so the choice is left to you c:
:: ^^
:: alissa wants to be a fashion designer and artist when she is older, and attend new york's prestigious fashion college when she's older. she's hoping to work at vogue and perhaps try her hand at modelling and later on in life wants to start a family.
:: n/a

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