Alistaire Academy

Welcome to Alistaire Academy, a huge institution located in Coriza, a hidden city not known to mortals. Since you have arrived here, let us assume you are an immortal, either a witch, fairy or mermaid. Coriza was founded by four families: the Vegas, Augustes, Alistaires and the Thayers. A spell was cast, so mortals cannot enter here. It is a school for immortals, but also a battle ground for other dark life like vampires and werewolves.
Since you are an immortal, after reaching full maturity {18 years}, you can choose to stay forever 18, or grow a few more years and then immortalise.
Witches can control the elements, cast spells and have gifts. Usually the most powerful of all beings at Alistaire. Oudine witches are even more powerful, the most powerful of anyone in their spectrum. They retain their old eye color but their eyes change to purple when they use their powers.
Zeui witches: Can control all four elements of this earth {Wind, water, Fire, Earth}, and are the most powerful witches, the Oudines even more so.
Strythe: Control the Earth. They are down-to-earth, humble and sweet. They have hazel eyes. Firm, stubborn and very chilled.
Czair: Have sapphire blue eyes. Control the water. Not very friendly, icy, cold and very versatile. They can adapt very quickly, but are slightly mean and icy.
Glade: Have stormy grey eyes. Control the winds. They can also control the weather. Light, breezy and funny. Childish, hyper and sweet, or very mean.
Lyra: Have bright crimson eyes.Control the fire. Feisty, snarky, brash and loud, they are arrogant, sneaky and bold. Often the ones that misuse their powers the most.
Fairies are either Trojen or Jizane, sweet and helpful or tricksters or deep, philosophical fortune tellers.
Trojen: Have wings, and make you feel pain. Less powerful than the Jizane.
Jizane: Don't have wings but can control the winds to fly. They also have visions of the future, and are deep, sweet and philosophical.
Mermaids are sweet, kind and shy. They don't interfere much in happenings and like staying out of trouble. Have a tail in the water, control it and heal in it. Their voices have a healing effect when they sing, but they cannot survive for long without water.

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