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@nevena898's questions:

1.What do you wear righ now?
An ugly outfit "special holidays spent with my computer" XD

2.Who is your best Poly-friend?
Every people who stops on my sets, chats with me about same passions, tags me, takes time to know me better is my polyfriend. I don't wanna rank them!

3.Your favourite song?
Today it's "Strong" by Miyavi and Kreva

4.What is your kind of man?
If he's funny and open-minded it's great!

5.Who is the person that you can tell everything?
My mom <3

6.How old are you?
20 sir!

7.What you love to do at free time?
Reading and sleeping :3

8.Boyfriend or friend?And why?
Boyfriend because there is the word "friend" in it XD 2 in 1!

9.Alcohol or no soda?And why?
Can I just throw both of it? Because fruit juice is the best; mango especially :p

10.Describe yourself in 5 words:
I don't want to XD

11.Do you love me? xD I AM KIDDING!
Am I boring with tagging?
Yep I love you :) <3 Not boring at all!

I'm doing all my tags today, but tagging no one, sorry XD
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