(Alix Ward) Mila Kunis

~Name: Alix Ward
~Age: 17
~DOB: 28th October 1995
~Home Town: California
~Home Country: North America
~Nationality: American
~Future Occupation: Modal
~Fashion Style: Classy, Up-to-date, Vintage. She loves Summer clothes, shorts, crop tops and heels. She always looks fabulous and never ever dresses bad. Even if it is just to go down stairs, she will always makes sure she looks her very best. Alix is always envied for her fashion sense and has a blog on how to dress which is always active with fans of her style.
~Personality: Alix is cruel, feisty and fierce. There's no doubt about it. She can be a pure nightmare, but if she likes you, she is loyal, sweet and will do anything to protect you. But again, she is cruel. Alix hangs around with lots of people, but she only has a handful of people who she likes. The rest she uses to her own advantage. She is very manipulative and can twist words to make you believe what ever she wants you to believe. People think she is open and honest, but she has many secrets. Many secrets that should never be known.
~Flaws: Alix has many secrets, most aren't even hers, she knows way too much for her own good. She is also very self obsessed. So she is over confident in how she looks and always lets people know how pretty she is and how she is prettiest in the school.
~Strengths: Alix has one main strength, and it is she is VERY photogenic. She always looks perfect in pictures and knows how to make the camera love her. Alix is also very good at Gymnastics. She is flexible and strong. She is amazing at stunts other tricks. Let's for forget is an incredible writer.
~Bio: On a warm sunny Saturday morning at 5:38AM in California Alix grew intimidate attention, as her big brown eyes grabbed the hearts of all. Her mum held her hand whilst she held her little finger. However that day wasn't that good, as her Older sister Francesca fell ill from Cancer that very day. Alix still got loads of attention. however most of went to her sister, but Alix didn't notice or care, she wanted her sister to get better. At the age of 5 her sister died and it changed Alix's life forever. The last thing Francesca said to Alix was "You are so beautiful" Making Alix know what she wanted to do. For her sister and for her since her sister always wanted to be a modal. Alix then asked her mum in her cute little voice, "Can I be a modal mummy" So from then Alix entered Pageants and always won. From Miss California to Miss America and so on and so on. When she was 8 a modal agency found her and signed her a deal. So became a young modal, first for kids clothes, now for big brands and magazines, always leaving a note for her sister in memory. So yes, she has a soft side. However it didn't last long, her beauty got the best of her, and well ,you know the rest.
~Family: Alice (Mother, 43) Edward (Father 43) Francesca (Sister, deceased)
~Clique Choice: What eva ^_^

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