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  • 13 DAYS LEFT
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    "13 years existing :P" — @hazstyles
  • Aquarius
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    "aquarius {feburary10}" — @hazstyles
  • London Photograph - Big Ben, England Travel Photo, Home Decor, Beautiful Travel Wall Art
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    "but i was born in the wrong country. ♥" — @hazstyles
    Fine Art Photograph London, England "Big Ben" A blue-sky morning along the Thames in my favorite city. Taken by me in April 2012. This listing is for an 8" x 8" borderless, fine art print, printed on beautiful premium quality Fuji Crystal Archive paper. It will be hand-signed by me and very carefully packaged for safe shipment. Any watermark will not be in final print. Also available as an 8 x 10 (second photo). Just leave a message in the Note to Seller box upon checkout. ************************************************************************ More of my London photographs can be found here:
  • One Direction Preferences
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    "i am an extremee fangirl, don't like it? love me for me(: {only brats would get that :P}" — @hazstyles
    Hello! We're Jess and Liv, two American girls totally obsessed with an extremely talented and lovely band that goes by the name of One Direction. Here you'll find preferences, fangirling, pictures,...
  • Una imagen de One Direction
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    "speaking of fangirls, i L O V E one direction ♥ they're seriously my life, i love them more than anything, they're my inspirations, idols, they've taught me some of the most important things, like that i should be myself and not care what anyone things, follow my dreams, hard work pays off, that there's nothing wrong with having a forever young attitude {live while we're young!}, to not follow sterotypes, and not change myself for anybody. ♥♥ no one will ever understand how much they mean to me." — @hazstyles
    Temas más escuchados de One Direction: What Makes You Beautiful, One Thing y mucho más. One Direction es una banda británico-irlandés, compuesta por Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson y Liam Payne. Después del programa, la banda firmó un contrato de £2 millones con Syco. Aunque cada uno de ellos se presentó de manera individual, al casting X Factor 2010, el grupo se formó en el Bootcamp Stage de la competencia de X Factor, y fue dirigido por Simon Cowell. Los chicos han ganado seguidores en todo el Reino Unido durante en los cuatro meses de competencia, y se convirtió en un fenómeno internacional en el mundo. Desafortunadamente no ganaron la final de X Factor, pero quedaron en el tercer lugar, y firmaron oficialmente el sello Syco music, del multimillonario Simon Cowell, donde graban grandes artistas como Leona Lewis y Olly Murs. Descubre más música, conciertos, videos e imágenes con el mayor catálogo online del planeta en
  • One Direction <3
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    "i love all of them, but harry will always be my husband and my love ♥ he just has such an adorable personality, and he's so real, when i don't think i'll ever smile again, i just have to watch a simple video of him and he makes me SO happy. everything about him i just love, so much, i can't get enough of him. there isn't a single thing i don't adore about him ♥ my dream is to meet him and for him to call me beautiful, i would never have a single self esteem issue ever again ♥" — @hazstyles
    this is a board dedicated to the funniest, sweetest, and all around greatest boy band known to man consisting of Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Harry Styles...this is for the boys on the stairs...One Direction!!!
  • Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women Of The Year Awards Arrivals
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    "cher lloyd is just perfection. ♥ she's my queen, and also my idol. her music is amazing, and she also inspires me to follow my dreans, shto be myself, and ignore what others have to say about me. ♥♥" — @hazstyles
    Cher Lloyd arrives for the 'Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women Of The Year Awards 2010' at Banqueting House on November 2, 2010 in London, England.
  • @youvegotthatonethingg | NOBOYS IS ONNN! CAN'T SLEEP! :( || #onedirection #1d #el #eleanor #eleanorcal...
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    "i love eleanor calder. ♥ she's just a regular, very sweet girl, even though her boyfriend is louis f*ckin tomlinson, she's very down to earth and like i said before, SO sweet, you can just tell from her twitter. i also admire her for putting up with all the bs from larry shippers and stufff." — @hazstyles
    @youvegotthatonethingg | NOBOYS IS ONNN! CAN'T SLEEP! :( || #onedirection #1d #el #eleanor #eleanorcal... - Use Instagram online! Webstagram is the Best Instagram Web Viewer!
  • Pinterest / Search results for danielle peazer
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    "danielle peazer. ♥ this girl, i mean she puts up with so much hate, but she's been strong through it all and such a loving girlfriend to liam since the start. she stands up for herself, someone once tweeted her that she only had her career because of liam, and she pointed out she had her career before she even met liam. ♥ and she is such a talented dancer. like an AMAZING one. you don't think so? she danced at the olympics. call me when you dance at the olympics(:
    so those are the MAIN things i fangirl over, here are some side things that i love;" — @hazstyles
  • Glee Season 2 Class Photos!
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    "GLEE. <3 this show made me grow up, and change my perspective on life, i would not be who i am today without this show." — @hazstyles
    Photo Credit: FOX Check out the the brand-new promo photos of the Glee cast from FOX. Season 2 of Glee begins on September 21. If you're looking
  • My wife - Naya Marie Rivera <3
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    "i love naya rivera! she's just aslkfal perfection. amazing actress, amazing dancer, and A M A Z I N G singer. she is the DEFINITION of triple threat she's also really funny && down to earth, fame hasn't changed her at all." — @hazstyles
  • Fuck Yeah Kevin McHale
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    "omfg i adore kevin. he's so funny like what even i can't, omfg like i can't even explain it he's just skvgfj," — @hazstyles
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    "cory monteith! i love him omg, he's so awkward, and cute, and hilarious, like omg fame has not gone to his head at all, like at ALL. i may not be the biggest fan of finn hudson, but cory is just aldfifla," — @hazstyles
    RIP Cory. You will always be in our hearts.
  • Lea Michele New York Actress and Singer
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    "lea michele! <3 she's such an amazing singer and actress, glee is nothing without her, and everyone told her that she didn't have what it takes, and to get a nose job, but she didn't, so now she's an inspiration to any girl." — @hazstyles
    Her full name is Lea Michele Sarfati. Lea is an actress as well as a singer who was born in The Bronx, New York on August 29, 1986. She grew up in Tenafly, New Jersey where she learned art at Stagedoor Manor, Catskills and continued her study at Tisch School of Arts in New York
  • Big Bang Theory Quotes Pillow Case
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    "i love the big bang theory lol its so funny, my whole entire family is obsessed with it." — @hazstyles
    Some of the funniest quotes by Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory. Great gift for any fan of the hit show!
  • Little Mix Leigh-Anne in Lazy Oaf
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    "little mix! omg i just love their music alot." — @hazstyles
    We've previously seen her rocking a double Lazy Oaf look in Heat Magazine and now girl band Little Mix's Leigh-Anne Pinnock is representing once again, this
  • 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 3 gallery pictures
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    "PLL <3 alsdldsfk os much drama its so entertaining" — @hazstyles
  • The Deadbolt Interview - The Lying Game Drama with Alexandra Chando
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    "the lying game ! omg i need this show to come back, like now." — @hazstyles
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S
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    "FRIENDS! i miss this show :'(" — @hazstyles
  • Best Friends Forever
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    "my best friends foreverr ♥" — @hazstyles
    Best Friends Forever
  • @abbylynx | And now for some selfies
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    "ABBY ♥ i love this girl so much, there are about 7 billion people in this world, and this girl right here understands me more than anyone, and i can be my complete self around her, she loves me for me and i know that for a fact. she's not just my best friend, she's my big sister and i'd trust her with my lifee ♥" — @hazstyles
    @abbylynx | And now for some selfies - Use Instagram online! Webstagram is the Best Instagram Web Viewer!
  • kim lol
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    "kimmy! #teamginger #gingersrundaworld #gingersdoitbetter another one of my best friendss ♥ i think we make like a new inside joke every day. she has the same dirty miind as me and i'm actually laughing out loud when i talk to her. ilysfm kimmmeh. ♥" — @hazstyles
  • you only live one , thats the motto nigga . yolo
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    "danielleee. the extreme fangirl to my extreme fangirl. she's so gorgeous, and i love talking to her. right now i'm randomly thinking of when she told me about how her and her friends saw people having sex randomy on the beach and im lol-ing omfg. yeah but anyways she's just sldkfdsl love herrr ♥" — @hazstyles
  • Dianna loves thrift shop buys
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    "chloee. aka dianna agron's twinnnn. ♥ i've known her for a year now! she's really funny and sweet. we always laugh our arses off on skype." — @hazstyles
    The 25-year-old actress Dianna Agron, who plays Glee cheerleader Quinn Fabray, enjoys scouring second-hand shops for bargain outfits
  • you make me smile ♥*
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    "buffy! we talk about the most random things and she makes me laugh so hard sometimes, and i wouldn't even know any of those people i listed before if it weren't for herr ♥" — @hazstyles
  • gleekcaps
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    "brieze! i don't have any pictures of her on this account, but lskdg she's just GORGEOUS and so so sweet. we haven't talked in forever but omg, i miss her so much, we used to talk every day and it was like one of the highlights of my day! we need to talk moarr ♥" — @hazstyles
    Welcome to gleekcaps, a screencap tumblr dedicated to the hit FOX show, Glee. {} Please don't repost...
  • Dark Pink Heart clip art
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    "the following are my otps/ships;" — @hazstyles
    Dark Pink Heart free clip art, cartoon heart love pink dark hearts
  • Liam Payne feliz de haber regresado a Londres para ver a su amada
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    "PAYZER. ♥ just get married already like seriously. they've been together since the start and she's stuck by him and loved him through it all. you can see how much they love each other just by how they look at each other." — @hazstyles
    El cantante Liam Payne de One Direction no pudo contener su sonrisa de felicidad al estar al lado de Danielle Peazer. La pareja estuvo separada por más de un mes, pero mantenían viva la llama del amor gracias a la tecnología.
  • Eleanor Calder Louis Tomlinson London Olympics Aug 11 2012 Eleanor Calder
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    "ELOUNO0O0OR ♥ they're so perfect together, such a cute and sweet and loving couple. they both get so much bs from larry shippers, but have stuck together. they're a real couple, like it or not they are, a real ADORABLE one." — @hazstyles
    Louis Eleanor watch GB athlete Tom Daley win a Bronze Olympic medal for the Men's 10-Meter platform diving during the 2012 Olympic Games. submitted by Vamp_Fan_25 31796268
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    "BRITTANA ♥ they've been through so much together, santana makes brittany more mature, brittany makes santana calm down, they're the perfect fit. they just complete each other i cannot :') if RIB takes brittana i swear throats will be cut" — @hazstyles
    Welcome to gleekcaps, a screencap tumblr dedicated to the hit show, Glee. Requests are welcomed....
  • beth's real life otp: monchele♥
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    "monchele! they're so adorable together ngl." — @hazstyles
  • friends
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    "my otfssss;" — @hazstyles
  • One Direction: Larry Stylinson !! - Gossip.stars : Blog - Teemix
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    "larry stylinson! they had the best bromance tbh :') but don't confuse a bromance with true love, js." — @hazstyles
  • EXCLUSIVE Zayn Malik, 'Harry Styles is my rock'
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    "zarry! ♥" — @hazstyles
    One Direction have had to spend a LOT of time with each other over the past year. They could probably mime stroking the contours of each others' faces with their eyes closed and get every movement exactly spot on. They've got to know each other
  • Niall Horan
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    "narrry ♥" — @hazstyles
  • One Direction Photo Gallery
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    "lirrryn ♥" — @hazstyles
    Pictures of British boyband One Direction
  • Let’s give Liam Payne and Niall Horan some Niam loving
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    "niam! ok i basically ship all the bromances in one direction bromantically, but i'm not gonna put them all, those were just my main ones lol." — @hazstyles
    Much fuss is made over the Larry Stylinson bromance, but while Larry cavorted in front of the cameras, flirting and kissing each others’ thumbs a new romance was brewing.
  • ❝My Naya, Oh My Sweet Naya. ღ ❞
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    "pezberry/riverchele! i neeeeddd them to live in new york together like alsfn NEED." — @hazstyles
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    "quinntanaaa ♥" — @hazstyles
    Welcome to gleekcaps, a screencap tumblr dedicated to the hit show, Glee. Requests are welcomed....
  • Lea Michele & Dianna Agron
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    "faberryyy ♥" — @hazstyles
  • Ryan Murphy tells Ryan Seacrest: Puck & Artie will have to audition for Glee again, one will make it - Washington DC GLBT Arts |
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    "partie puckartie whatever you call it lol. guysss i know i have more but a) i can't find pics for them and b) i can't think of em so yeah lol" — @hazstyles
  • Large black mustache fun necklace cute unique cool gift for him for her
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "here are some random facts about my personality" — @hazstyles
    pendant: 7.6x3cm/3x1.2inch chain length: 70+7cm/27.6+2.8inch ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome to find 1500+ jewelries by contacting me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notice: Firstly WELCOME TO OUR store~~ It's our great honor to meet you here!! -- All my items are lead free and nickle free. -- Price is very low and profit very slim, so please kindly don't negotiate about the price. -- Registered airmail shipping with tracking numbers working for most countries. PARCEL SENT OUT WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER PAYMENT CLEARED. IT NORMALLY TAKES 15-20 DAYS(UP TO 30 DAYS) FOR INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY. VERY APPRECIATE FOR YOUR PATIENCE. If you like faster shipping, please kindly contact me before ordering. -- Please kindly leave positive feedback if you like your order. IMPORTANT: PLEASE KINDLY CONTACT ME BEFORE LEFT NEUTRAL OR NEGATIVE FEEDBACK. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jewelry Maintenance Tips: --Individually wrapped --handle carefully --soft cloth wipe --avoid hard or sharp subjects --take off jewelry when doing sports or bathing --take off when sleep or sweating --avoid exposure to chemicals
  • Floral Belted Bandeau Dress
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "i'm superrrr girly. also high maintenance." — @hazstyles
  • PocketBac Sanitizing Hand Gel Anti-Bacterial
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "i'm a germaphobe" — @hazstyles
  • An image of Cher Lloyd
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    "i'm craazy!" — @hazstyles
    Watch videos & listen free to Cher Lloyd: Want U Back, Swagger Jagger & more, plus 414 pictures. Cher Lloyd (born 28 July 1993) is an English singer and rapper from Malvern, Worcestershire who rose to fame from her part in the reality TV series The X Factor. Lloyd released her debut single, Swagger Jagger, on 31 July 2011 and it reached number one on the UK Singles Chart on 7 August 2011. Her debut album was released on the 7th of November 2011. After the final of The X Factor it was announced that Lloyd had been signed by Syco Music. Songwriter Autumn Rowe and producer RedOne worked on her debut album, scheduled for release in November 2011. The debut single, Swagger Jagger, received its first airplay on 20 June after it had been leaked onto the internet on 15 June however, this version was later confirmed as only the demo of the track on Lloyd’s Twitter account. Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at
  • 100% perfect
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    "i am 50% sass 50% ass like my boobear here xo." — @hazstyles
  • Tumblr
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    "i'm told i'm really funny and sometimes i just crack myself up so i guess so lol. i LOVE laughing!" — @hazstyles
    Log in to your Tumblr account to start posting to your blog.
  • gleekcaps
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    "much like santana lopez, i can be very sweet to the ones i love, but a complete b i t c h if you piss me off." — @hazstyles
    Welcome to gleekcaps, a screencap tumblr dedicated to the hit FOX show, Glee. {} Please don't repost...
  • 6 to 9 or 9 to 12 Months Baby Monster Hat, fuzzy green
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "this was supposed to be the green monster lol, but yeah it means i get crazy pissed and jealous over really stupid things lol, i knowww its a flaw and i'm trying to work on it, but like i said, love me for me ♥" — @hazstyles
    Summer Pricing: Originally $31; you save $3! A cute little monster hat for the adorable new addition to the family. Perfect at as a newborn photography prop for a sleeping baby;-) Great for Halloween, or a monster-themed room! This hat is made from soft, durable 100% acrylic yarn and is shown in fuzzy green with two little green poms on top. This hat is knit and has a great deal of stretch to it; it will fit most newborns. ------------------------------------------------ AVAILABLE IN 10 COLORS. See the last image for color choice. If no color is typed in the note to seller field at check out, green (as shown in the first images) will be used. ------------------------------------------------ {CHOOSE A SIZE} When you purchase this listing, please choose from the following sizes and type your choice into the note to seller field at check out: +6-9 Months: 16"-18" +9-12 Months: 18"-19" ------------------------------------------------ {OTHER SIZES} If you need other sizes, please see the following sections: “Newborn, 0 to 3, & 3 to 6 Months Hats” “12 to 24 Months & 2T to 4T Hats” If you need a size other than the ones listed, please contact us. ------------------------------------------------ {TIME} This hat is Made to Order and will ship in about 2-3 business days. Please check the Ready to Ship section for items that will ship out within 24 hours. Check the Policies section for information on Shipping and product care.
  • Fuck Yeah, Hugs!
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    "i'm a hugger! ♥" — @hazstyles
    Because they make the world a better place. Brought to you lovingly by popquizkid and...
  • X Factor 2010
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    "i'm overemotional :3" — @hazstyles
    Favourites Gamu Nhengu, Cher Lloyd, Katie Waissel, Aiden Grimshaw, Matt Cardle and Mary Byrne were all chosen to progress.
  • harrys got style-frenchkitty use if you like! (1d fans)
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    "here are some random things i likeeee" — @hazstyles
  • BAKERY SWEETS - PDF Felt Food Pattern (Cinnamon Rolls, Sugar Cookies, Sprinkles, Spatula, Hot Pad and Baking Sheet)
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "sweets! like cinnamon buns, cookies, cupcakes, etc." — @hazstyles
    ** PDF Patterns and Instructions ** ★ BUY 5 GET 1 FREE! ★ {Do not add the 6th pattern to your cart or Etsy will charge you for it. Just tell me which one you'd like in the message to seller box at checkout.} ♥The Bugga Bugs Bakery smells delicious! Just look at these scrumptious cinnamon rolls. Each is oozing with cream cheese frosting and baked to perfection (with chewey centers of course)! Our Sugar Cookies are nice and soft with icing the colors of the rainbow to delight any child. The sprinkles really open and close for children to pretend to decorate on their own. The new Bugga Bugs bakeware bakes every item to perfection. Children love using the baking sheet, spatula and pot holder because they're just like mom's! Come get these delicious treats while they're hot! This pattern will make the complete Bakery Sweets set: Cinnamon Rolls Sugar Cookies Sprinkles Baking Sheet Spatula Hot Pad ★Pattern comes complete with Cover Page, Sewing Tips and Tricks, Supply List, Pattern Instructions (including step by step color photographs) and Full Scale Pattern Pieces. ★Patterns are e-mailed to buyer in PDF format on 8 1/2 x 11 size paper. A PDF viewer is required to open the files. Adobe Reader is a great PDF viewer that can be downloaded to your computer for free at ★Bugga Bugs patterns are for personal use only and are not to be resold or redistributed in any way. Patterns may not be used to create items for retail. ★See my profile for answers to FAQ. ★See my shop policies for important information regarding purchases.
  • Seattle Starbucks photograph, Pike Place Market, coffee lovers gift, photo of first Starbucks coffee shop, A Star is Born, downtown, travel
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "starbucks ♥" — @hazstyles
    Fine art travel photography. A rainy Seattle day at Pike Place Market, home of the first Starbucks, Coffee Tea & Spices. Perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life. :) TITLE: A Star is Born downtown Seattle, Washington, May 2012 | 5 x 5 metallic print Printed by a professional lab on premium archival paper, for a photograph made of brilliant color and stunning detail that will last a lifetime. Signed on the back. ***Printed with a border ➤➤ see more of my prints of the Pacific Northwest:
  • Fast fashion Forever 21 to open department store concept at Fashion Show mall
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    "shopppingg ♥" — @hazstyles
    Forever 21's new store at Fashion Show mall takes up 126,000 square feet and brings new brands to Vegas.
    Get ready for more fast fashion than you’ll ever
  • Forever 21 - Photos
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    "especially at forever 21!" — @hazstyles
    Add photos and images to the corporation Forever 21 - A fashion retail store.
  • FOREVER 21 Glittered Bow Hair Clips
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "bows ♥" — @hazstyles
    Style Deals - A set of two snap hair clips featuring glittered bows. Painted finish. Lightweight. DETAILS: 2.5” approx width. Imported.
  • KITTENS Gray Ginger Tabby 15x11 Signed Watercolor Giclee Print
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "kittens! awwwh ♥" — @hazstyles
    "Kitten Kerchoo" is a 15 x 11" Open Edition Giclee Art featuring two little rescued kittens named Sally & Stuart. KITTEN KERCHOO I love kittens, I really do Except they make Me me go "Ker-choo". I love your cat But hear me well When he's around My eyes swell. Let's make a deal Both you and I You pet him Then I won't cry. Carole Stein-Holien This art print is 15 x 11" on 17 x 13" archival paper and looks and feels like the original watercolor. It will fit into a standard 20 x 16" Mat and frame. The print you are buying is not framed or matted. Each art print is hand signed by the artist on the front. An artist's bio is included to be attached to the back of the framed print. Reproduction rights of artwork in whole or in part remain with the artist. The text is for copyright purposes only and does not appear on the image.
  • Cath Kidston Hampton Rose iPhone 4/S Case, Multi
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "my phone lol" — @hazstyles
    Adorn your iPhone with the lovely Hampton Rose case and keep it safe from bumps and scrapes. The colourful design will make it easy to spot in your handbag and save you from missing any of those important calls!
  • Smash Font- I Have A Dream Martin Luther King Jr.
    More info
    "my dreams;" — @hazstyles
  • Spectacular Waterfront Residence with Infinity Pool in Miami Beach
    More info
    "i wanna live in a beach housee :3" — @hazstyles
  • Buckingham Palace photo, London art, lavish, retro photography, Britain photograph - Royal Abode
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "i wanna live in london for like a year." — @hazstyles
    Fine art photograph of a lion as he stands guard atop the lavish gate to the Queen’s royal residency in London Buckingham Palace. TITLE: Royal Abode. SIZE: 8”x10” PAPER: Luster Matte. All photographs come unmatted and unframed, signed on the back and lovingly packaged to ensure a safe delivery to you. Items will be shipped within 7 business days. This photograph will be printed by a professional lab on acid-free, archival matte paper that will last a lifetime. Rather have metallic paper for an additional $4? Please contact me for a custom listing! ……………………………………. CUSTOMIZE YOUR PRINT To get this print in a different SIZE, contact me for a custom order or visit:
  • City Lights - New York City View - Chrysler Building - 8x10 Metallic Photo
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "or an apartment in the big city." — @hazstyles
    A stunning view of New York City at dusk, just as the lights begin to twinkle. I've printed this photo on Kodak metallic paper, which is a stunning, luminous paper that I really love. The photo has a lustre coating that protects it from UV rays, scratches and fingerprints. The overall dimensions are 8x10". You can choose between the warmtone or the blue tone version; let me know your choice in the "message to buyer" section at check out. In stock and ready to ship. If you would like the print matted in a clean, white beveled matte, click here and add this listing to your order:
  • Products I Love
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    "i wanna meet the boys who changed my life." — @hazstyles
    One Direction One Direction One Direction
  • harry styles x
    More info
    "i just wanna marry this boy alot." — @hazstyles
  • cher lloyd | Tumblr
    More info
    "meet cher lloyd and tell her why she's my idol." — @hazstyles
  • @loveforcalder | She looks so hot haha
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    "be as gorgeous and have as good clothes as eleanor calder" — @hazstyles
    @loveforcalder | She looks so hot haha - Use Instagram online! Webstagram is the Best Instagram Web Viewer!
  • hope's cupcake
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    "be as talented as danielle peazer." — @hazstyles
  • Farmdale Blossom in Turquoise by Alexander Henry Fabrics REMNANT (17x44)
    More info
    "i wanna get a career in fashion :3 like a stylist or something" — @hazstyles
    Buy Farmdale Blossom in Turquoise by Alexander Henry Fabrics REMNANT (17x44) from Fabric Boutique.
  • Hilary Duff Lucky Magazine Cover May 2010
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    "or work for a magazine." — @hazstyles
  • Abbey Dawn By Avril Lavigne Runway Spring 2012 Style360
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    "be a model or actress. but thats not happening lol." — @hazstyles
    A model walks the runway at the Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne Spring 2012 fashion show during Style360 on September 12, 2011 in New York City.
  • It is what it is
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    "oook, i can't think of much more, so that's it for nowww. gooodbyeee!" — @hazstyles

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