All About Sutton

Sutton Worthington
Sutton is one of the meanest girls in the Plastics. She is really popular, but she's only second in command. To her she deserves to be on top...then again, Sutton thinks she deserves everything. She is rich, smart, and isn’t afraid to stab people in the back. Once in awhile, she will shock people by doing something nice. Honestly, no one knows why she is the way she is. When you meet her family, you meet two perfect parents, and her brother, Ryan, is the complete opposite of her. Her world is full of secrets; from her family, her friends...Most think that because she is one of Ali's oldest friends that it ruined her from the sweet child she used to be. She is confident with who she is though and staying plastic is just too important.
Model: Mila Kunis

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