Hi everyone, I hope you had a good Thursday. As far as gym sports go, volleyball would have to be my favorite - mainly because I'm bad at all the other ones. But I really do like volleyball, so today's tip is basically all about volleyball. I hope this helps you!

+ The basics of volleyball
Volleyball is a team sport where two teams of six are separated by a net and try to score by getting the ball on the ground on the other team's side.

+ Rules of the game
- Each team only has 3 hits when the ball comes over to their side, and a person cannot hit it two times in a row.
- You must hit the ball up unless you are at the net and spiking it.
- If team 1 hits the ball to team two and
a) no one on team 2 touches it, team 2 gains a point and gets to serve
b) someone on team 2 touches it, team 1 gains a point and gets to serve
- You cannot touch the net, or go over it when you are spiking

+ Types of moves
- Serve
Underhand: You hold the ball out with your non-dominant hand, ball up your dominant hand, and swing up. It is recommended that you remove your non-dominant hand from the ball right before your dominant hand hits it.
Overhand: You throw the ball up with your non-dominant hand and hit it with your dominant hand, like you are high fiving the the ball.
- Pass
Also called a bump, this is a simple move. It is also the one generally put with volleyball. You ball up one hand, cover it with the other, and squat. When the ball comes towards you, you raise your hold body up, not just your arms. If you do that, the ball will most likely go backwards.
- Set
This has always been the hardest move for me, however it's very important because it sets another player up for a good shot. You put your hands together so your thumb and pointer finger form a triangle, and you try to hit the ball with that triangle towards someone on your team.
- Spike
This is also known as an attack. The most common one is when the setter sets the volleyball to someone on the front row, they jump up, and hit the ball down, like high fiving it towards the floor. 
- Dig
This is to keep the ball from hitting the floor. You use the same hand motions as the pass [although possibly with only one hand] however you are diving towards the floor.

+ The players and set up
A court is set up like the picture here http://blogs.yis.ac.jp/16kundum/2013/01/23/volleyball-assignment/
~ The players ~
- Setter
They will usually take the second hit, after it is passed to them, and set up a front row player for a pass
- Front outside hitter
Normally receive the ball after a serve or block, or spike the ball. 
- Middle blocker
Normally dig and hit the ball, as well as occasionally spiking and blocking if they can.
- Opposite
They are there simply so there is another player in the front row if the setter is in the back row rotations.
- Back outside hitter
They are always opposite from the front outside hitter, and are normally the best passers.
- Libero/Middle back
Mainly defense players, but they will also pass occasionally

+ Scoring
- Whenever the other team makes a mistake, your team gains a point. That also gives you the serve.
- Each match is played to 25, with a 2 point difference in scores. They then normally go on to play best out of 5.

+ Signals
[Because some of these are difficult to explain, I will only list a few. 
http://fs.ncaa.org/Docs/rules/wvolleyball/VolleyballSignals[1].pdf has pictures and what they mean.]
- Referee points to one side = that side gets the point
- Referee holds hand out, palm facing up = ball was held, carried, or there was an assisted hit.
- Referee puts hand across chest like a mummy = end of match
- A "t" is formed with hands = time out

Credit to http://blogs.yis.ac.jp/16kundum/2013/01/23/volleyball-assignment/
http://fs.ncaa.org/Docs/rules/wvolleyball/VolleyballSignals[1].pdf for the information.

I hope you liked this xx

Avery xx
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