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My life is so hectic right now. These past few days have been so over whelming. My teacher from my fashion design class at school called me and Caillie to join back into the Fashion Club, because they were hosting a fashion show and they needed help because nothing was going on because the two presidents (WHO ARE SENIORS BY THE WAY) couldn't get anything organized, (that's what Mrs. Wignal said herself) so these past few days me and Caillie have been making phone calls trying to get sponsors, trying to get announcements on to West Ranch TV and in the town newspapers, trying to find technician people for lights, and we've also put a local band as the gig. We're freshmen by the way, and the senior presidents couldn't do anything of this by themselves. -.- And now since everything's organized we're having our FIRST run through tomorrow (THE PRESIDENTS HAD A WHOLE 5 MONTHS TO PREPARE!!) and hopefully, just hopefully it will go well. And this whole weekend I'm going to just make flash cards for all these French terms I have to memorize and I need to study my off for biology and ohmygod I swear that soon my school life will be the death of me. 

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