- oh how i miss thou, @polyvore 

i know i have totally - and definitely - stopped writing (even my blog's collecting dust right now, eeeekk!). @nessazura @chrissykinz @sarahstardom and everyone else on PNR, sorry that i haven't been updating with miko's stories. maybe someday i'll continue writing - the ideas are up in my head but i can't seem to put them to words. le sigh. 

somewhere else in the real world, i've been busy. i'm currently unemployed (well, officially anyways 'cos i'm helping my dad out with his upcoming small business) so how busy can a lazy bum be? well, just recently i've been blessed to be given the opportunity to come up with illustrations for a local fashion platform called StyleXStyle*. long story short, its founder (and one of my favorite local celebrity ever!) contacted me one fine day and voila - i've been roped to do an illustration for their special Little Black Beauty Box message cards. to add to that, they also wanted me to do a series of fun illos for their website ala Jamie Lee Reardin for Moda Operandi. of course, i am no JLR but still now that those illos are up on the site, i can't help but feel very, very proud and blessed. 

and i am even more proud (and maybe a lil' bit stress) to be given the green light to continue making a series of illustrations for the upcoming message cards for their LBBB! going to be very very busy in the days to come ... and then of course there's the other thing that i'm extremely preoccupied with-

my girl @cestlula is getting married!! *throws confetti* playing bff, wedding planner and head bridesmaid is taking a toll on me - maybe i might turn into bridesmaid-zilla. huhuhu! 

so yea... this is a blog/rant/whateveryouwannacallit post. also cos i really miss making sets on polyvore. sobs.

**stylexstyle lbbb website, for anyone (anyone?!) who's curious...
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Wrote two years ago
wow. such an awesome set-I love the layout

Wrote two years ago

Wrote two years ago
Super fab!!!! And cute title sweetie!!!! :)))

Wrote two years ago
I MISSED YOU ON POLY. SOBS. #likewedonttalk247


Street chic is a global cool.

Street chic is a global cool.

What is fashion? It is more than the runway; it's the people who wear them. How many times have you walked past a girl on the street and wished you were in her 4-inch-Louboutin-heels, wearing that stunning Lanvin top and swinging that YSL bag? Or how about the times when you sit in a cafe on the sidewalk, and from the corner of your eye you spot a lady running across the road in a flurry to get to the office, but still looking polished and ever so chic in her Prada pumps and Vera Wang coat?
Yes, street chic is an art form. It's about being cutting edge, imaginative, trend-setting, and marrying that with comfort and practicality. It's about wearing that shirt differently from everyone else, or matching that skirt and bag in a way no one could ever think of; not even Lagerfeld or Cavalli. It's about being YOU.
Submit sets of your idea of street chic. YOU be the artist, YOU be the judge. Whatever you think defines YOUR own style, YOUR idea of fashion, share it here!
Please do not spam/ write hate messages on other people's sets. Just because you don't agree, does not mean you have to publicly hate it. Constructive comments are fine; hate messages aren't. Please also remember this group is solely for fashion sets, and anything else will be deleted. Also know that this is a creative fashion group, so let's keep it at that. Art sets and very very mundane sets (read: plain jeans plain shoes plain plain top) will not be tolerated. Love y'all folks!

The Color Bucket

The Color Bucket

This group is devoted to color mixing. The contests held are mainly based on color combo. So it is all about how much you are capable of mixing colors, to make the set stand out. All types of sets and layouts are accepted. The judging will be based on how successful you use the color combo and how you balance it in the set.

Magazine Layout

Magazine Layout

Welcome to Polyvore fashion magazine! Recently I've seen new kind of sets, I would call them EDITORIALS: they look like pages from a magazine: it includes a title, text in the background and photos - these sets are more than welcomed here!

We Are Fashion Stylists!

We Are Fashion Stylists!

The job title of someone who selects the clothing for published editorial features, print or television advertising campaigns, music videos, concert performances, and any public appearances made by celebrities, models or other public figures.
So, they know how to put a clothes in a right context. Because every poly soul is a wonderful stylist let`s see What to wear for...
Winners will be featured on my blog www.kenguri.blogspot.com

Style Trove

Style Trove

Welcome to Style Trove!
For all fashion lovers who are addicted to making sets!


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