- oh how i miss thou, @polyvore 

i know i have totally - and definitely - stopped writing (even my blog's collecting dust right now, eeeekk!). @nessazura @chrissykinz @sarahstardom and everyone else on PNR, sorry that i haven't been updating with miko's stories. maybe someday i'll continue writing - the ideas are up in my head but i can't seem to put them to words. le sigh. 

somewhere else in the real world, i've been busy. i'm currently unemployed (well, officially anyways 'cos i'm helping my dad out with his upcoming small business) so how busy can a lazy bum be? well, just recently i've been blessed to be given the opportunity to come up with illustrations for a local fashion platform called StyleXStyle*. long story short, its founder (and one of my favorite local celebrity ever!) contacted me one fine day and voila - i've been roped to do an illustration for their special Little Black Beauty Box message cards. to add to that, they also wanted me to do a series of fun illos for their website ala Jamie Lee Reardin for Moda Operandi. of course, i am no JLR but still now that those illos are up on the site, i can't help but feel very, very proud and blessed. 

and i am even more proud (and maybe a lil' bit stress) to be given the green light to continue making a series of illustrations for the upcoming message cards for their LBBB! going to be very very busy in the days to come ... and then of course there's the other thing that i'm extremely preoccupied with-

my girl @cestlula is getting married!! *throws confetti* playing bff, wedding planner and head bridesmaid is taking a toll on me - maybe i might turn into bridesmaid-zilla. huhuhu! 

so yea... this is a blog/rant/whateveryouwannacallit post. also cos i really miss making sets on polyvore. sobs.

**stylexstyle lbbb website, for anyone (anyone?!) who's curious...
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