Day 07 Your best friend, in great detail--How did you meet, what attracted you to that person, what are they like, where are they from, what do you guys do together, what do they mean to you, your favorite memory with them 

Dylan Torres—Naya Rivera
Russell Bartlett—Tobias Sorensen
Beau—French Bulldog

I met DYLAN in 5th grade, when my family moved out to Long Island. We hated each other—to put it lightly. She was rough and tough, which somehow made her a class favorite. I was shy and kept to myself. Being the new girl, I didn’t have any friends while she had tons. Also, the as the new girl, I was open to all tons of criticism. Dylan’s friends were the biggest culprits of my bullying, but Dylan never chimed in with them. Then one day, I had enough—yes, even as a kid I had a temper--and I teased them all back. When I finished, there was silence. Then out of nowhere, I heard clapping. Dylan was standing there laughing her ass off and clapping. She congratulated me for standing up for myself; apparently she didn’t think I had it in me. We walked home together [she lived on the next block] and after that day we were glued to each other. 
Life with Dylan was pretty simple after that. We went to high school together, where we excelled in different things and added a third member to our posse. That didn’t last long. [LONG story. Dylan is still in contact with her. I saw her once downtown and crossed the street.] Anyway, Dylan and I both got scholarships to go to James Madison University. We roomed together in college, and were planning on living together here in the city after graduation. Instead, Dylan moved in with her douche boyfriend Tristan and I went back to Long Island. 
Now that I live in the city, Dylan and I hang out at least once a week and chat nearly every day. 

RUSS and I worked at Next Magazine together. He was the only straight guy there, which was fun to say the least. We flirted, we gabbed, we rolled our eyes at anything that was way too over the top for our simple, understated selves. Russ is my simpatico. Honestly, if I didn’t know any better I would swear we were the same person. He thinks exactly like I do. He’s sarcastic, easily bored and hates waiting on/for anything. Hanging out with him is one of the most effortless things that I do. 
After Next Magazine went under, he relocated to New York Magazine. I was having a hard time finding a new internship, so I started waitressing. I hated it more than I could ever explain. Russ came into the diner one day, saw my misery and started pulling some strings. Somehow he managed to get me an interview at House Beautiful. Needless to say, I owe him big time. 

BEAU was my father’s present to me after he-who-must-not-be-named broke my heart. I was completely broken, nothing made me happy. I spent every day loathing the world, and spent every night crying my eyes out. One day I came home from school and there Beau was laying on my bed with his adorable ears pointed straight up. I stared at him, confusedly. He slowly cocked his head to the side and I with that little motion, I fell in love. Beau is the only man for me. 

Day 08 Your most treasured possession, in great detail--What is it and how does it look, who gave it to you, what does it mean to you, why does it mean this way to you 

My most treasured possession technically isn’t even mine. It’s a legit autographed baseball, signed by Derek Jeter. When I was eight, my dad took my sister [4] and I to a baseball game. At that time I didn’t really like baseball, so the whole experience was really lost on me. My sister, however, was having a great time. She loved the cotton candy, the crowd, the game; it was all new to her and excited her greatly. I, on the other hand, was so bored that I sat their reading Judy Blume. I had just gotten to the best part of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing when my father jumped out of his seat and starting yelling. He had just caught the ball. It was exciting, but no one was happier about it than my sister. She flipped. After the game, we went to the back gate where the players come out in the slim chance that we might see a player. It took a while but, sure enough, Derek Jeter came out. My dad got him to sign the ball, and Derek gave my sister a big kiss on the cheek. [CRUSH ALERT] Jordan loved that ball and wouldn’t let it out of her sight. However, as the years went by and music became her real love, she completely forgot about the ball. The thing is, that was around the time that when my Yankee love started. So I took the ball for my own, seeing as the original owner didn’t even remember it existed. 

Aside from that, I guess my sea shell collection would be my most precious possession. I don’t even know why I like them so much. I have always loved beaches, something about being a summer baby I guess? I don’t know. All I know is, something about those sea shells makes me feel calm, safe and happy. For some reason, just looking at them makes me think of the summer and the beach. So no matter how land-locked I am, I always have some connection to the beach.
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awesome skirt!

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wow!! love it!!

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Wrote 4 years ago
i want a beau too.


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