I have always enjoyed reading, since I was a little kid I loved to escape into the world of a good book for a while. I'm also quite creative and have a pretty big imagination, so I like to write something once in a while too. I used to read a lot more than today though, because unfortunately school and other hobbys take up a lot of my time. 
But sometimes the best thing you can do is to cuddle up in your bed with a nice cup of tea or some hot milk with honey and escape into a book for some time. For me reading means relaxing, having fun. I also believe that sometimes people who read a lot are a bit more intelligent :p.
I don't really have a favourite genre of books, I enjoy reading fantasy just as much as a good romance. Some of my favourite books are definitely the Harry Potter series (my childhood :D), "Evening Class" by Maeve Binchy and "The Godfather" by Mario Puzo. I also like "All Creatures Great and Small" a lot. I can really recommend all these books!
At the moment I am reading the first part of Goethe's Faust (well, I have to, for school; I know it's a classic but I don't really enjoy it like other books :D), and I am planning to start reading "Me before you" by Jojo Moyes (which I got from my sister at christmas) or "Victoria line, Central line" by Maeve Binchy. I hope I will find the time to read them. There are so much more books which I'd love, or plan to read, but I can't list them all down! :)

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My team:
A L L`` E L S E.
1. @singlemom // Vampire Diaries / 00
2. @krispenwah // The Red Dragon / 00
3. @asktheravens // Blood and Chocolate / 00
4. @sarah-scr // The Perks of Being a Wallflower / 00
5. @my-lady // Angels and Demons / 00
6. @risforrooose // Practical Magic / 00
7. @ducktape // The Diviners / 00
8. @mydearfrodo // Hex Hall / 00
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