"Once up a time...when I was sixteen years old I dated a girl.
She was beautiful and very experienced. I was in love about a week and a half into it.
Although I had never been in love I was certain. The months rolled on and we grew closer and closer.
We shared so many memories and laughs. I had never gotten past first base with a girl before...although; I found myself diving deeper and deeper into the sexual world.
Therefore, I grew more attached. About 9 months had past. We had spent so many amazing nights together, told each-other everything to know, and I had lost my virginity
to her shortly after the ninth month. I was absolutely certain that I wanted to spend forever in this love trance. But a rude awakening snapped me out of it.
One of my closest friends told me that she had slept with one of my "pals" from the tennis team in the last week. I was in disbelief until my "pal" confessed that it was fact.
As the days rolled on I found out the truth. She had slept with over 10 people during our relationship. I was mortified and heart-broken for the longest time.
From that day forward I wanted to write songs to bring people joy. To help people that were as miserable as I was.
The end."-Christofer Drew ♥
<//3 )': pretty touching stuff...
I love you Christofer Drew Ingle, forever && always ♥
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