soundtrack: PRIMADONNA - marina & the diamonds



(like @little-red chose effie's "theme song" in a way, i made sure to put this song 
in here somewhere because it really is Cam 100% as i've said before, hehe)

also: - just my "inspiration" for cam
- i also use it to hunt down pics of Leighton since she's kind of MIA now

I really love her with short hair, omg
Her most recent pic (with Adam OFC):

She's perfect


So I'm going to just discuss the outfits a bit

Cam will know she looks the best in the room if she's wearing red
with red lips to match. Now that she's "royalty", Cam has been sent
numerous of top-end gowns that cost thousands…

Rob gave her this D&G one for birthday and it's almost $15,000:

But her signature look is red. If you're wearing red as well (e.g. Ash did it once @mclovinn),
Cam will probably send you dirty looks throughout the night. Alas, that's my girl…

Now that Cam is famous and all, she's a "style icon" according to society,
so if she was going on a date, she'd make sure to look fashionable as hell
(especially if it's with someone like Niall - or anyone really, the paparazzi
would be taking lots of pics to let everyone know who's arm she's on...)

Now for PJs, Cam would wear what I like to call a "nostalgic shirt". 

Here I put a shirt for Monroe Academy's tennis team, which she was captain for…
I've mentioned that shirt in a story before. Other shirts include a VU shirt, a 1D concert tee,
anything advertising past clubs (French National Honor Society for example), a ONO shirt, something advertising the 'Scratch Records Store' and old concert tees of Elle's (@emgeemtee) that Cam somehow ended up with. Add in embarrassing slippers (furry and sequined, the Betsey Johnson ones are perfect) and just underwear.

Cam can be surprisingly chill so she'd settle in comfy (stylish) sweats and whip out her Birks…she would never admit to having them, would rather die than wear them in public, and Elle would totally make fun of her for wearing them. Add in a book, since Cam is always reading something, and a sheer tank. Aw.

Edit - I completely forgot that Cam wears eyeglasses for seeing far (I made it that way cos Leighton is like that) so yes, she only wears them at home, too embarrassed that they'd be seen as "hipster" to society. Only her closest friends know she has them.

This may be a spoiler, hehe. Cam has done a bunch of internships (recently quit one working for the mayor) but her one real job was working at Cafe Verona on the VU campus. She has to wear a waist-apron and delivers orders to tables. Think a Panera Bread/Starbucks place where you can order and sit and then have the food delivered by a princess. She'd wear a VU sweater, expensive, stylish flats and a cute tiny skirt that would drive her co-worker…Niall…crazy. 

School's starting up again…maybe she'll be returning? 

I actually added this category to make a point - Cam is total nerd so she'd never be late. If she was, she'd still look clean-cut and neat. Most girls would have a "slump" outfit for this category. I feel like the only other character like this is Chrissy. (@laurcams94) 

But Cam would wear her usual conservative yet modern and stylish outfit. But yeah, she'd get to class early and suck up to her teacher so he/she extends an assignment for her - and they'd say yes because he/she would be afraid to say no.

And that's my girl Cam!

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