All eyes on us.

Jessica Winchester, 20
Likes: Leather, miniskirts, hunting, her sister, Azrael, plaid, action, plans, weapons, blood, lying, the ’53 Pathfinder, family.
Dislikes: Duemos, Hell, Alastair, herself, choices, morality, books, getting attached, Michael, liars, her sister’s music, uncomfortable situations.
Quote: “We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.”
Song: Demons – Imagine Dragons
Jessica Winchester killed her sister five years ago – sort of. See, it all started when she took a dare from one of her friends – she tried to spend the night in a haunted house. But that didn’t work out so well. There was something else there that night, and it went by the name of Duemos. It possessed Ruby and then tried to kill Jess. Jess acted in self-defense, but the truth was still this: she had killed her sister, and her life was over. Her parents would never forgive her for always being the black sheep of the family, for getting rid of Ruby. And so when Duemos said she could return Ruby – for a price – Jess took the deal. She sold her soul – five years of a good life – in exchange for Ruby’s life.
Five years later to the day, the sisters had spent almost every waking moment studying with a hunter, Wes, learning how to become hunters. And maybe, just maybe, how to save Jess from her fate. But it was too little, too late. They could never save her.
Jess spent what felt like three decades in Hell, and for a long time, she said “no” to Alastair. But one day, she finally said yes. She finally helped him torture the other souls there in exchange for her own well-being. And she started to like it.
So she was more than shocked to wake up buried alive in her own grave, just outside the town where she’d died.
Jess, it turns out, was raised from Hell by none other than Azrael, an angel of the lord. But things aren’t quite as simple as when she left. First, there’s Michael and Lucifer. They’re at war with one another, and they need Jess and Ruby. And then, there’s the web of lies she’s building.
She may be back from Hell, but she isn’t telling her sister what happened during those thirty years. And there are some things that even she can’t remember.
Barbara Palvin

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