But she gets it while she can

-Get Back, The Bealtes

Home is where the heart is, apparently. If this is true i left my heart on a private jet with a musician who'd been handed many womens hearts before. It was bad news, for me, the first rule in touring with a band is to never fall in love, since learning this i've seen more concert venues, film stars, journalists, musicians and illicit substances to last me the rest of my life.
I was sitting in my actual home now on the industrial side of london, wondering what to do next, that was until i received that blessed call from Jude.
"SALLY! OH MY GOD SALLY! come to the Beatles premier tonight!!! Their all going to be there!!!" She practically screamed down the phone. Sure, why not, it was the Beatles, who was going to turn down the Beatles?
Yellow Submarine, i needed to wear yellow, as everyone else was going to be. I got ready with some of the girls and was off. 
I'd never been to a premier before, my crochet dress and wooden platforms looked so out of place compared to the endless shades of yellow silk around me. I sighed, feeling a tad silly and made my way towards the front doors, that was until Pam pulled me in another direction. The lights were blinding, the echo of all those voices shouting the "awsome foursoms" voices, i'd been around the press before, even had the occasional picture taken with the band, but THIS was insane. 
"George," said Pam "This is Sally".
Oh shit, 'I' was meeting the Beatles now?, in this dress?, with these lights, NOW?! was i going to faint? hardly. But i would feel dreadful if i was going to make a fool of myself!
"Nice dress". Said George taking my hand, oh... well maybe... my dress 'did' look alright.
"Thanks," i said "nice band". Ahhh shit. 
He laughed, at my terrible attempt at a compliment. 
"I'll see you again after this terrible ordeal" He said gesturing at the bright lights in front of us. 
"I'm sure of it" i added.

The girls came up behind me after he had walked away, mostly saying how George and I were 'really' going to get along. 

By the way, i hated the movie. 

xSally Simpson


Wrote 7 years ago
hey sally! nice meeting you, i love your outfit :) especially the shoessss <3

Wrote 7 years ago
Love the dress darlin! I actually loved the movie but we all have a diffrent opions

Wrote 7 years ago
so cute.

Wrote 7 years ago
I get excited easily if you didn't already get that! ha ha! Well you know we London Birds have to stick together! I'll only be there for a little while, I've got someone waiting for me ;D-Jude

Wrote 7 years ago
I love your outfit! And your hair! You and the Fab Four are definitely going to get along well, they're great guys! - Amanda

Wrote 7 years ago
Sally ohhh you looks great! Amazing dress I'm Angie one of the Stone Goddess.Angie

Wrote 7 years ago
Love the crochet dress! See you around Sally!--Bennie

Wrote 7 years ago
i really did not enjoy the movie either. and i love george. but i thought you looked kinda cute! -Velvet

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