buzzcut season - lorde

i'm obsessed with this song

full description will come, and i'm sorry but i'm behind ughhhh

if you came here looking for a sob story, then you should probably leave right now. because to be honest, bekkah's life is anything but that. well, at least it was. 

bekkah has lived in beacon hills for her whole life. she's been best friends with scott mccall and the sheriff's son, stiles since they were all able to walk. she would always be right there by their side during their crazy hijinks and antics. their parents often found themselves calling the trio "the three musketeers" or sometimes even "the golden trio." they were that close. bekkah's cousin called them "satan's little helpers," but that was mostly because bekkah crashed his porsche once and tried to push some of the blame onto scott and stiles. however, though this was a pretty nice life, bekkah desperately wants out of beacon hills. don't get me wrong, she loves the place, but she wants to travel to other places. not just to other places in the country, but she mostly aspires to go to other countries too. because the furthest rebekkah has ever been outside the country is hawaii, and that's technically still inside of the country. 

so it sounds like

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