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I held Aidan close as we crossed the street.
It was a cold morning and,
my son refuses to change into something warm.

"Mummy, cold," he muttered and snuggled into my neck. 

I sighed, pulling the blanket closer around him.
"Mummy wanted to dress you into something warmer but you refused and threw a tantrum ala uncle Don."

"Aidan is sorry," he whispered and threw me one of his puppy eyes. 
He gets that from Harry.

"Next time, you have to listen to what mummy tells you to do," I told him, kissing his hair.

He let out the cute 'mhm' sound.
My son is too adorable.
But I'm bias. 

"Aidan, there will be a few strangers at our home today," I started as we walked through the pavement, going towards our building. "So you'll need to behave, arasso?"

"Arasso, mummy," he said just as we arrived. 

I stopped on track when a black van pulled over.
The Running in Heels logo proudly painted at the side.
Goodbye freedom and hello strangers.

Few people - about four or is it five - staggered out of the van. 
Edgar Donovan dressed in Mcqueen and Louboutins walked towards me with a huge smile.

"Miss Wallace!" he squeaked - yes squeaky voice.

I drew out a smile. "Edgar, you're early."

He grinned. "I wanted to come and film you earlier, but your mother informed that you're quite scary in the morning."

I snickered. 
Scary in the term of my Medusa hair and wrinkly outfit.

"This must be Aidan," he said and stared down at my son. "He's blue."

"Its called a porroro sleeping suit," I said with a roll of my eyes. 

"Well, I don't watch cartoon," he said with a pout.

"Of course you don't," I smirked and continued. "You should come in first, let me settle Aidan down first then you could start filming?"

He clapped his hand in glee. 
The crew members rolled their eyes.
Sugar hype guy and annoyed crews.
Just what I need to start my day.


Questions About Style

Describe your own personal style?
I'm not a girly girl for sure but I enjoy dresses and skirts once in a while. My style goes from printed jackets or coats to plain tops and collared blouse.

If you could have any celebrity closet , who's would it be?
Victoria Beckham. 

Name some designers, photographers, blogs, models that influence your work and what you like about them?
Designers - Balmain and Chanel.
Photographers - Nigel Barker and Terry Richardson
Name the one item that everyone should have in their wardrobe? 
A plain white shirt. You can't go wrong with it.

Do you typically follow trends or stand out on your own?
it depends. if its ridiculous like wearing a birds nest hat then that's just a crime to fashion.

If you could dress one celebrity/model/etc who would it be and why?
Michelle Obama. She is inconsistent. One day she's all classy the next she's wearing god knows what. 

Have you always been intrigued by fashion? When did you first become interested?
To be honest. No. I became interested when I was fourteen? I'm not quite sure. 

What is your favourite era of fashion? 50's, 60's, 70's, etc.
20's or should I say the Edwardian Era. And of course the Marie Antoinette Era as well. 
What are you favourite colours to incorporate in your wardrobe? 
white, black and pastel 
Who is your biggest style icon? 
The Olsens 


"Your clothes are to die for," Edgar said, his eyes practically gleaming as he touched the dress on one of the mannequins. 

I grinned. "Thanks."

"What are your five essentials though?" 

"First, is a plain white t-shirt," I said, pulling a white t shirt. "Its like a fashion equivalent of a chicken - it goes with everything and makes it all better. You could tuck it under a high-waist skirt, wear it under your colourful blazer or even skinny trousers."

He laughed. "Its interesting that you're comparing fashion with food."

"What can I say? I love my food," I said with a giggle before pulling out a black dress from the numerous. "This may be cliche but I believe Little Black Dress is an essential, tell me a girl who wouldn't include this in her closet? I say none." 

"A little tip though, avoid picking shiny materials which would look cheap and stretchy materials which do not age well."

Edgar nodded, taking the dress from me. "Say you're running late for a date at the restaurant or even the club, how would you pair this?"

"A leather jacket, left open over the dress and a simple heels or boots will do the trick," I replied. "Which brings us to essential number three - A good pair of black heels will last you a lifetime. Whether you’re headed to the office or out for cocktails, black heels are a must-have!"

"You're all for black and white essentials, very bold," Edgar said. 

I nodded. "You can never have too much black and white in life."

He nodded in agreement. "I agree. What is your next essential?"

"A tuxedo jacket," I replied simply, pulling a jacket out before throwing it over my shoulders. "A tuxedo jacket can do fancy - lightly tossed over the shoulders of an evening gown - as easily as it can go casual—with jeans and a T."

"So a white t-shirt, little black dress, black heels and a tuxedo jacket," he listed down. "Your last?"

I grinned, grabbing his wrist and leading him into the inner part of my closet. "My special treasure. Chanel," I told him and pointed to the glass cabinet. 

Edgar gaped, his eyes I swear as big as a saucer as he walked in awe. "Is that..."

"Chanel one of a kind black pearl strap quilted bag," I nodded, carefully taking it out of the cabinet. "Want to hold it?"

He stared at me as if I was an angel. "You're my new best friend - now let me hold that!"


"Wear this like your life depends on it," I told the model in front of me as I clipped on the precious diamond bib necklace on her neck. "because believe me it does."

She rolled her eyes. "Your mother said the same thing."

"Of course, we echo each other," I replied simply. "Don't ruin the dress, I stayed up all night with her to pick the perfect button."

She snorted. "The perfect pair."

"I'll take that as a compliment, now run along before the photographer bites your head off," I said and pushed her away. 

"Megan, you're next!" I called and pulled out a green printed jacket with white dress. 

"I won't wear that," she said in horror. "its green!"

I hate blonde bimbo who think they're that great.

"You'll wear it and like it," I told and shoved the dress into her arms. "Who's the stylist here?"

"Philippa Wallace," she muttered. 

I smirked. "Great that you know."

"I hate green," she protested again. 

"Megan, My mum would kill you if you don't do this well. That green goes well with your eyes, I know you agree too so please cut the whine and change because we don't have all day."

I watched in satisfaction as she stomped away.

"You're harsh," Edgar said as I started arranging the clothes back to the hangers. "Its intimidating."

"Try working with them and you'll understand," I replied and looked up to the clock. "Its lunchtime, not going?"

He nonchalantly shrug. "Don't think so. We're supposed to be with you till night time."

I stared at him with an eyebrow raise. "Which includes following me having lunch with..."


I grinned. "My son and Harry."

Edgar clapped in glee. 
For the umpteenth time today.
Okay I kid.
I lost count. 

"Aidan, I told you not to run," Harry said as he limped in, cane tapping loudly. "I can't go after you."

He stopped in the middle of the room. 
Spotting the crew and Edgar. 

"That better not be in the show..." he said.

"We'll cut that," Edgar replied. 
But I'll make sure to make him cut that.
By hook or by crook.

"You ready?" Harry asked, now ignoring the people. 

"Yeah, let me grab my coat," I told him and hoisted Aidan up. 

We left the studio for lunch at the cafe across.
It was an upscale and non crowded place. 
Perfect for quality time but not annoying crews. 
Jeez. life.


Personal Questions

If you weren't working in fashion what would you be doing?
Probably extending my cupcake business. As you know I am working for my mother's line, it doesn't consume much of my time - especially during weekends so to fill my time, I run an online cupcake business which you can search for in Facebook and Instagram. Its called Sweet As Aidan - after my son. I usually put on a pop up with limited slots during the weekend and sometimes surprise slots during weekdays. The money goes to the charity for kids in Palestine. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I'm not going to lie. Being honest, I don't know where my life is taking me but as long as its with my son and Harry, i'll be alright.

What are your parents thoughts on your career and lifestyle choices?
They support me. My parents aren't always around but they keep track on what I'm doing and so far they have no objection.

How do you relax?
In my term, relax means baking during a rainy day with beatles playing in the background.

Favourite movie/tvshow/musician.
I don't have specific favourites but I enjoy historical movies, as for tv shows I watch anything from AFC to Greys Anatomy. I only listen to the beatles and a few classics.

Biggest Fear?
Losing Aidan and Harry.

Favourite thing to do in your hometown?
My parents are British, that makes my brother and I Brits. We spend holidays there a few times a year and the thing that I look forward to is walking around hyde park, taking photos. 

Three words to describe yourself?
Observant, Bold and Honest.

What is happiness to you?
Aidan and Harry.

What can you not survive without?
- camera focus to Aidan and Harry during the photo shoot -
You see those two? They are my life. Aidan is my rock while Harry is my backbone - without them, life is nothing to me


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