☆ Sunday :
Second Challenge - We all know we love to lip-sync, and since the big VSFS is coming up in a couple weeks, which song would you like all of the girls to lip-sync to for their annual lip-dub video?

Every Tear Drop is a Waterfall - Coldplay

☆ Song Explanation: So i'm not going to lie this was surprisingly hard for me due to my taste being very different from what i imangine Yasmine's taste would be. The reason i decided on this particular song apart from the fact that i can see Yasmine actually liking is that 
1. Victoria Secret is known for using the biggest musical acts in the world despite the genre and whether you like coldplay or not , you can not deny the fact that they are one of the biggest acts in the world.
2. Coldplay's live shows are amazing , its so full of colour and energy and it just has an amazing atmosphere somthing Yasmine's hopes to recreate in the lip synch video.

3. Yasmine tried to combine aspects of the first two lip synch video's. This song musicially has an upbeat pop rock edge that maroon 5 had while lyrically it is about embracing yourself and about being postive regardless of your situation. 
(To check lyrics - http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/coldplay/everyteardropisawaterfall.html )

Outfit Explanation - So i went the basic VS model uniform of a black leather jacket , black skinny jeans and a basic tank but instead of the tank being plain Yaz has chosen to have a heart on it in rainbow colours to match the colours of the film clip. She also choose black ankle booties and colourful light up braclets that coldplay used in their live shows.

Concept for the Video :
So for the video , I tried to focus on the fun side of the lip synch video's because i have seen alot of girls doing the empowerment thing. I see the previous video's as a way to sell the brand and the lifestyle so girls and woman at home so i think the video should make the people watching go  hey i want to be like that lets buy Victoria secret's product and feel like those girls which is why i choose a song where the lyrics while uplifting aren't the main thing.

The film clip would start with with a having sitting at the end of the runway covered by confetti , balloons and paint the girl would be holding a boom box (like the one in the set except not made out of paper) and just smiling. The song would start and it would be like a rewind and you see how the runway end up like that.  The film clip would consist for the most part of the girls having fun , playing with the balloons , dancing around , maybe a few air guitar shots on the runway and backstage. When the lyric 'So you can hurt, hurt me bad,But still I'll raise the flag' the confetti would come down along with dry paint and then you will have the girls dancing around and having fun on the runway.

"You have paint in you hair." I said to Lana who was to busy playing with her bracelet , we had just finished our parts for the lip synch video.

"Oh well." she said running a hand through her hair "This is going to give me a fit Yaz." Alana said looking down at the bracelet amused. "Seriously this video will need a warning."

I rolled my eyes "Stop wasting the battery."

"Stop wasting the battery. You're being a kill joy babe." she said grinning , "I though this was meant to be about having fun." 

"It is."

"Exactly." Lana said before again turning the bracelet on again. "How did you even get these things?"

"Long story." I said with a shrug. Truthfully i asked my friends and Cooper's friend to find them. "I never looked so colourful in my life." Lana said.

"Yes you have." I said smirking , "I've seen pictures on instagram."

"Ahh my love for instagram is strong." Lana said nodding "We should put some pics from around set on it. Just to give them a teaser."

"If you want." I said with a shrug. "Do you think the video went well?"

Lana rolled her eyes "Yes dumbie. Stop worrying."

"It wasn't to complicated." I began before being cut off by 

"Yaz stop it."

"What's wrong?" Caroline asked as she and Alya walked over to us.

"Nothing Yasmine here is just over thinking everything." Lana said, "It's getting annoying."

"What is she over thinking?" Caroline asked curiously. Lana shrugged "The video."

"Oh , You have nothing to worry about," Alya said with a grin. "It was fun."

"Yeah i am not a big coldplay fan but i still enjoyed it." Caroline said with a shrug.
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Wrote 4 years ago
this set is so edgy and cute at the same time. :)

Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
I love it!

Wrote 4 years ago
Get well soon and feel free to include Amaia! :3


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'Cause all I need is a Beauty and a Beat

'Cause all I need is a Beauty and a Beat

24 sets from 24 members. Ended 4 years ago.
- Choose a song for the girls to make a lip-dub to.
- Create a set of them wearing what you would want them to wear for the lip dub.
- Explain why you chose the song.
- Give a summary of what the video would look like.
- Create a story of your model on the set of the video.

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