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We are totally working on this roleplay as I type. Expect a link soon, comment on this set if you’d like to join, tbh. Also, we need a name for the RP… I had my mind set on Detergent but I’m not sure Ducky and Tania approve. 

On the CSB news of the day, the local newspaper came out today. There are four articles I wrote in it. I received a call today from my very excited aunt telling mom my name was plastered all over its pages. Little does she know that I brought home four copies of the newspaper… 

I also have to explain that I made this set a Dauntless one because the story’s set in the past.


Name: Lincoln (Goes by Lincoln or Linc; no one really knows his name, only his surname)
Age: 21
Original Faction: Dauntless
Current Faction: Erudite
Likes: Knowledge, reading, ancient scrolls, history, technology, boxing, his combat knife
Dislikes: Erudite’s grudge against Abnegation, nagging, power-thirsty people, rules, the factions, soda, leaving other people factionless
Personality: Ambitious, Focused, Rational
Bio: To say that Lincoln’s life has been a mess is an understatement. Originally from Dauntless, Lincoln’s parents died when he was just a kid. His grandparents were left in charge of him but they had to leave the faction because of their age. And so Lincoln waited until Choosing Day, so that he could get away from the place that caused him so much pain. Hoping to start a new life in a new faction, Lincoln looked for refuge in Erudite, where books and knowledge welcomed him with open arms. It wasn’t too long before he noticed the weird things happening in this faction and Lincoln didn’t like it one bit. Now he’s working undercover with some members of Dauntless to stop Erudite’s plans before it’s too late.
Model: Max Irons
Taken by: @ingrid

• Short Story:

My grandparents left Dauntless when I was almost ten years old. They couldn’t keep up with the extreme lifestyle that Dauntless demanded. I had no siblings and no one to look after me, but that was alright because no one was left behind in our lovely faction. My parents had died when I was just a baby, leaving me and my grandparents on our own. I had endured violence like no other. Fighting came naturally to me; after all, my dad was the best in combat. It must run in the family or something.

Jumping on the train to move around, however, was something I could not stand. It was the stupidest thing to do. After a certain amount of time, I became fed up with this. I really loved Dauntless, but people’s attitudes were less than desirable. They were childish and hot-tempered. Everyone wanted to pick up a fight with me just because I wasn’t in the mood most of the time. They’d always catch me reading a book and that wasn’t what our faction was known for.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Miguel, the owner of a tattoo parlor that I used to visit asked me once, while I was devouring a 600-page book on the History of the United States.

“Just reading some stuff about the United States’ history.” I muttered, not even bothering to look up from my book. Apparently, it was the wrong thing to say.

“You can’t do that here, Linc.” Miguel reprimanded me. “Knowledge is dangerous, you know…”

“Why?” I inquired. My thirteen-year-old self was very nosy and always looked for answers.

“Politics.” Was all Miguel bothered to say. “Look,” He sighed, “If you’re not gonna get yourself a tattoo, you know I can’t keep you here.”

“But I /am/ getting a tattoo.” I said. “Of my parents, of course.”

“No need for explanations.” Miguel shook his head. “Come on, have you got the design or an idea?” And I showed him what I wanted and its placement.

It was the day before Choosing Day and I was sure of what I wanted to do. I was going to leave Dauntless behind.

• Optional:

- Storyboard {Family, love interest, faction, etc.}
- Collection: http://www.polyvore.com/constellation_tears_on_your_lashes/collection?id=2476748
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