Seoul Mate


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“Oh my god! Look at Eli!” May’s sister stifled a scream excitedly grabbing the sleeve of my shirt and shaking my arm. “He’s the epitome of sexiness!”

I slightly elbowed her as a smirk crossed my lips.
“He is! And look at Kiseop! He’s more handsome in real life though” I said.

“Yeah, he’s so beautiful!” she agreed as she glued her eyes on the laptop screen. It was early in the morning and May had gone somewhere with her mom before I had woken up, that left me with her sister who had taken advantage of May’s absence to watch a fancam from U-Kiss’ most recent performance in Japan. At May’s house, U-kiss was a taboo, they avoided talking about them or anything that would remind May of them at all cost, but as much as they tried to avoid the subject, I knew my best friend kept thinking about Jaeseop every single day. If only there was something I could do to help her…

“What are you guys doing?” A voice asked behind me and it took me some seconds to realize it was May who had return from her exercise routine with her mom. May’s sister closed the laptop quickly but I could tell for her face that my best friend had already seen what was on the screen. “I’ll take a bath” She announced quietly. 

One hour later she was still in the bathroom, I was starting to panic, why was she taking so long? What if she was drowned in the bathtub. I paced up and down before the door until I couldn’t take it anymore and I pressed my ear against the door in the case I could hear something like crying, there was complete silence that only ended by frightening me more, I slightly knocked the door but there was no response, was then when I knew that I had to take action.

I opened the door quickly but I couldn’t get a glimpse of my friend since something grabbed me by the neck of the shirt.

“What do you, youngster, think you’re doing?” May’s dad voice asked and for the first time since I met him, his characteristic playful and friendly aura was replaced with the one, typical of militaries, which only instilled fear and respect.

“I…. I was… May is…”

“Oh, dad! What the hell are you doing! Leave G alone and get out of my room now!” My best friend appeared on the door, her body covered by a bathrobe and her hair wrapped in a towel, her look was exactly the one that a mad wife would have.

“Honey, but…” Her dad tried to say something but she looked at him reprovingly and pointed at the door. Her dad turned around and left sheepishly but she kept scowling. I held my laughter amused by the fact May’s dad seemed afraid of her.

“Do you want me to change in front of you? She rolled eyes and snapped her fingers in the direction of the door. “Get out” I hurried to obey her and closed the door behind me.

“Ugh, bad mood again” I mumbled.

“Is that Jaeseop guy, right?” May’s dad asked, I hesitated for a moment and finally nodded. He tightened his lips and put an arm on my shoulders. “Thanks for taking care of my baby” He thoughtfully added as we walked towards the kitchen, where I could smell the aroma of recently made coffee.

“It’s been a pleasure” I simply replied, and I really meant it.

“No one picks that phone!” Soohyun whined hopeless, entering the living room where most of U-kiss members were resting after a tiring schedule.

“I knew it would be like this” Eli said leaning against the window and looking at the sky. “Let’s leave things the way they are now”. The rest of the guys nodded in agreement. 

However, next morning their opinion changed when Jaeseop prepared to leave early in the morning. One of the advantages of their promotions in Japan was the freedom they enjoyed, they could often go out for a walk without being recognized, or at least not as much as in Korea, that’s why the leader of the group downplayed the fact AJ was leaving home so early, but when Kevin asked him where was he going, the guys almost choked with the cereal they were having for breakfast.

“I’m getting a tattoo, I have an appointment at 9 am” He merely said as he grabbed his jacket.

“Sorry, I didn’t hear well, you’re doing what?” Hoon asked skeptical. 

“Getting a tattoo” Jaeseop simply replied, “I’ll be back before 1 pm for the practice” The faces of his fellow members were a mixture of incredulity and fear.


“I’m also getting a piercing, that’s why I’ll take so long” He explained before someone could say something. “See you guys” And he walked out of the apartment, leaving the guys in a state of complete confusion

“Hyung! Stop him!” Kevin shouted and Hoon quickly went back to himself and ran behind AJ.

“And I thought this couldn’t get worse” Kiseop sighed tragically.

Unfortunately Hoon couldn’t stop Jaeseop and he returned home with a concerned expression. Of course a piercing was not such a big deal, but there was a reason for them to be so startled about it.
U-kiss’ stylists had vainly tried to convince AJ to perforate his earlobe for Doradora promotions, he had refused so much that even NH’s CEO had been forced to intervene. Jaeseop had, in front the company’s employers, affirmed that he’d never get a piercing or a tattoo.

“I’ll never, ever do it, so please stop trying to force me to do it!” with that last statement he had locked himself in the recording studio, no one had dared to confront him and the issue had been closed with an apparent victory of AJ over the company. Yet his change of mind was so sudden and unexpected that his group mates couldn’t avoid thinking that it had something to do with the state of depression on which he had sunk after leaving Korea and not being able to contact May.

“He made such a drama to avoid piercings and stuff” Dongho said, his mouth full of food.

“And now this… I guess we’re in an emergency state” Hoon admitted sitting down heavily and putting a hand on his forehead.

“I have an idea that will solve everybody’s problems!” Soohyun snapped, everybody turned their gazes to the leader with expectation. “Night club” He merely said gaining a slap on the nape.

“You’re so ridiculous!” Hoon rolled eyes. 

“Extreme emergency requires extreme action” Eli wisely added with a smile. Kevin sighed, shaking his head; aware that Eli’s behavior was indeed suspicious.

And Stephanie agreed with Eli's statement that night when the dress she had previously picked cautious and thoughtfully had ripped when she accidentally slipped in the living room with her recently acquired high heels. 

“Why are you so unfair?” She complained looking at the ceiling, as if someone was there laughing at her tragedy. Stephanie looked at the clock hanging on the wall and realized she only had ten minutes to get changed before Suho’s arrival.
“I guess I was trying too hard” She said to herself as she went back to her skinny jeans and flat shoes. The previous night Suho had called her and had invited her for a coffee. Since that moment, she had planned every single detail, she wanted everything to be perfect! Even though it was not an official date she thought that probably that night Suho would notice all her charms and she tried to look her best. Unfortunately her plans didn’t go as expected. 

“Useless shoes, I don’t need you!” She said to the beautiful pair of high heels as she threw them a glare and pushed them with her feet. 

When minutes later Suho arrived, the first thing he noticed, it wasn’t Stephanie’s make-up or her hair, but the shoes lying in the center of the living room.

“Nice shoes” he complimented.

“Oh… well, that…those shoes aren’t…” Stephanie said distractedly grabbing her handbag.

“They have May’s name written on them” Suho smiled. The girl walked towards the door with a bitter expression darkening her face.

An hour later in a small coffee shop, Suho couldn’t keep all the questions he had anymore, he sighed and interrupted Stephanie’s speech.

“Steph, I’m sorry, but I have to go back to the dorm now, after Kai’s scandal, I can’t go back late” He apologized before taking a deep breath “There’s something I’d like to ask you before leaving”. Stephanie’s eyes glowed and her heart raced for a brief moment, until Suho snapped “How’s May?” and her heart dropped as she tried to force a smile. 

Back at home, Stephanie switched her computer on and played some music. She felt like laughing at herself... she was way too stupid sometimes! 

Suho had never showed any sign of liking her and yet she had been imagining things in that innocent of hers! Dreaming like a teenager!

Suho’s caring attitude towards her was not mere kindness, he had been trying to get information about May all the time. He was thinking about her friend permanently, not about her wellbeing. Probably even his texts and calls were simple acts of desperation, he felt lost without May around. 

Stephanie stood up and headed to the kitchen, in her way she noticed the high heels she had bought earlier that day and at the sight of them, her mind lit up. She immediately understood that her behavior only was caused by jealously. She hadn’t noticed that she was envious of her very best friend. 

Stephanie realized that deep inside, she had always known that Suho was hopelessly in love with May and those shoes were just the proof that she had been trying to imitated her friend in hopes that EXO- K’s leader would lay his eyes on her. And she felt pathetic, but she continued walking to the kitchen because there was nothing that a good meal couldn’t heal.
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