Elina Shores 
Age: 18 
Home: St. Augustine, Florida 
Elina is a delicate girl, and she loves to write. Elina keeps official records for Wonderland, and she’s almost always scribbling away in some journal or another. She’s the newest Wonderland historian, a great honor, but that couldn’t be all she’s writing down, could it? Maybe little Elina has another idea – like becoming the next Lewis Carroll.
Model: Lily Collins 

Collection: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=1606344

I blew the dust from the covers of the old books. "Always scribbling," the other girls had said about me. I had only been in Wonderland a few days, or at least that's what it felt like. Everything here felt distorted, time was warped, but it was so...well, wonderful that I didn't mind. 
The other girls had finally found the perfect job for me. As out of place as everything seemed, everyone had a place they fit into Wonderland, and I hoped that we'd found mine. It really was perfect; I was Wonderland's new historian, tasked with jotting down the day's events and the event's of everyone's life. I read through each of the old, dusty, spine-cracked books. I read this world's entire history, from its genesis up until a few years ago, it seemed. Many of the girls were nowhere to be found in between all of the scratches and sketches and scrawled drawings.

"How's it going?" Starlight asked, tapping on the door. She wasn't in these books either.
"Wonderful," I replied.
"Good," she smiled, leaning on the doorway. She was the one who'd found me, wandering in a garden of rose bushes, soaking wet and tremendously confused.

"None of you are in here, you know," I told her.
"None of us," she corrected me.
"Right," I nodded, "I think I'd like to add everyone in here. Do you want to go first?" I asked, tilting my head to the side.
"All right," she sighed, plopping down onto a seat and folding her legs, "What do you need to know?"
"Everything," I replied simply.

I wanted to finish all the components of my audition before I entered it to the contest, but I lost track of time and didn't get to enter it, but it's finished! :)

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