So I've finally caught up on American Horror Story. OH MY GOSH! So many emotions. I don't normally do this, but I'm gonna review the sh-t out of this show. I'll do a brief overview of all 3 seasons first and then I'll do a bit more in-depth with each season. If you haven't seen AHS you need to! I'll also keep the general overview free of spoilers, but I might spill some in the individual season reviews. So, if you don't want it to be spoiled for you only read the brief overview. I'll write in all caps the word spoilers so you're aware I'm about to transition into specific details. Though, if you want to read all of it please do! I need to gush about this with someone! Okay, here we go!


Overall Review:
I give AHS 9 out of 10 stars. All three seasons are well written and, for the most part, are consistent and make sense. Visually, AHS is chilling and beautiful, when appropriate. I really have to hand it to Ryan Murphy, who I've grown to dislike over the years. AHS seems to be a winner. One of my favorite things about this show is that each season is essentially a mini-series so when the season ends, there are no cliff hangers. Once a season is over, the plot is resolved and I really like that because I hate season cliff hangers. I don't mind it at the end of episodes because I only have to wait a week or so, but season cliff hangers are awful because you have to wait so much longer. Another aspect of AHS I really admire is that a lot of the same actors appear in all three seasons, as different characters of course. People like Sarah Paulson, Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Taissa Farmiga, and a few others. I think it’s really interesting that way because you know they're not playing the same person each season yet you can't help but wonder how/if their characters relate to one another. Oh! And how could I forget Zachary Quinto!! ? He appears in the first two seasons and he is just perfection. I'd have to say my top three reoccurring cast members are: Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Taissa Farmiga. However, all the casting is great... except for Emma Roberts, but that'll be in the individual reviews. The first season of AHS didn't originally have a subtitle, but it's now referred to as AHS: Murder House. In my opinion, this season was the most solid season so far. The acting, writing, and visual effects were perfect. The storyline was solid and consistent, which are usually two of Murphy's biggest flaws, but I'm glad to be proven wrong, at least in this case. AHS: Murder House was a great way to start a new series; I'll discuss a more in-depth review later. The second season AHS: Asylum was, without a doubt, the scariest, creepiest season. Ryan Murphy did something he always does, but it wasn't as bad this time. When his shows do well he goes all-out crazy and the storyline goes wonky. Don't get me wrong, it was still a great season, but there was a lot going on all the time. Visually, it was creepy as all h-ll! Seriously though, it was still a great season. In fact, I loved Evan Peters character in Asylum, one of my favorite characters of all seasons, but more on that later. Finally, season three was AHS: Coven and I'm still not quite sure how to categorize it. Again, it was well written, directed, and acted. It wasn't as ridiculous or scary as season two. It was kinda funny... not like laugh out loud hilarious, but there were some moments of dark humor. (I think part of that had to do with Emma Roberts awful acting... more on that later). The storyline was really interesting and I love the idea of modern witches, it was well done. 


Season 1 - AHS: Murder House:
As stated, something about the solidity and consistency makes this season the best season and a great way to start the series. Basically, the plot is about the Harmon family as they move from Boston to LA after Vivien, the mother, gives birth to a stillborn child and Ben, the father, has an affair. Along with their teenage daughter Violet, move into a gorgeous historic home. It seems lovely enough, but soon enough you find out that the house is essentially haunted. If you die in the house, your soul will forever remain there, as long as that house stands. Conflict ensues between the family and there's a lot going on (I'll spare you a scene-by-scene analysis of the season). To me, the most interesting relationship in the film was the one between Violet and Tate. As it turns out, Tate is a ghost and was killed in the house, which was once his home and Violet actually dies from an overdose but the audience doesn't find out until the end of the season, it was heartbreaking. Then when Tate and Violet break up because she finds out Tate r-ped his mother... gah!! The oddest thing about this season is that it ends happy, but not exactly in a traditional happy way. The Harmon family all dies, in the house but get to live their dead lives together and do so happily.... Quite odd, but so good!

Season 2 - AHS: Asylum:
Just. So. Creepy. I've always found the old American asylum system to be incredibly terrifying. The way the people were treated was so inhumane. Think One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest only ten times worse. There are kinda a lot of different storylines. The aliens, Bloody Face, the awful asylum, the Nazi doctor, and a few others. I think it can be a lot to process, but they definitely got the horror part right! I watched a lot of these episodes late at night and wouldn't leave my room because they freaked me out! hahah At first, Zachary Quinto's character seems to be the only person with power who realizes how messed up the asylum is, but then my heart was broken when he turned out to be Bloody Face! WHY!?!?! Boo! haha I'd have to say my favorite character of this season was Evan Peters's, Kit. He was just a good, sweet guy and his accent was super cool. He wanted the best outcome and plus he was an innocent person being accused of being Bloody Face. There is so much to discuss in this season that it'll be hard to go into any real depth. However, I'm so glad Kit was proven innocent. One thing that bugged me was Lana, played by Sarah Paulson. I mean she wanted to expose Briarcliff, but was so stuck up and closed minded at times, even after she had gotten out. It sorta chagned when they showed her as an elderly woman, but you can tell she still had some of her old fame loving self in her. There were a few loose ends with this season, like what was the point of the aliens? I'm still not sure about it. Also, how about that song? I mean I kinda loved it (actually I'm obsessed) yet I'm still super confused by it. It really served no purpose. Check it out! hahha like seriously wtf? But I can't stop watching it. The ending to this one was good, definitely odd... I guess. I mean Lana kills her son, who was a product of r-pe by Zachary Quinto's character ( :( noooo! I know) because he turned out like his father. Even though this season was definitely more messed up than season 1, I still thought it was excellent and so, so creepy. The fact that it takes place in an asylum is why, for me, it was so scary. I mean stuff like that, obviously with some major exceptions, happened and people let it. 

Season 3 - AHS: Coven:
Witches! & Taissa Farmiga is back! yah! This season was excellent, except for Emma Roberts character. I personally do not think she can act, at all. When Kyle (Evan Peters) killed her, I'd never been happier to see any AHS character die. Seriously. This season was essentially about witches in New Orleans and them trying to protect their dying race. A lot of the same cast was back with some newbies too, like: Emma Roberts (boo!), Patti LuPone (!!!), Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, and Gabourey Sidibe, among a few others. This season definitely had its creepy parts, especially when Kathy Bates's character tortured the slaves and then in the present day kept up the tradition. YUCK! There were a few others too, but it was as scary as Season 2. I think that's because I don't believe in witches and so it's not really that scary because they aren't real whereas Asylum was scary because stuff like that happened (though exaggerated in AHS and some of it didn't happen...). However, I wanna be a bada-s witch like Farminga's character, she was hardcore and yet thoughtful. I did not see Cordelia becoming the Supreme.. I honestly thought it'd be Zoe. But I think it kinda makes sense that Cordelia became Supreme. She really came into her own. This season, minus Emma Roberts, might be my favorite. Though that's tough to say because I seriously love all 3 seasons. 


So that's all! I'm really excited for season 4, it seems a lot of the same cast will return. No news of Farmiga yet, but here's hoping! Also, I've heard rumors that Emma Roberts might be back.... please no! I seriously cannot stand her. Her acting is awful. Watch season 3. You'll understand.

If you read all of this.. bless you!

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