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~Cult Logic, Miike Snow 

Yay for another blog! Please let me know if you want to be taken off the list of people I tag, I really won't mind. I'd mind it more if I kept tagging you and annoying you. So please be honest. 
Okay.... Let's see if I have anything interesting to say today.

+ Song of the Set: "Cult Logic" by Miike Snow. I love this song. Wow. Miike Snow is brilliant. If you don't know him yet then what are you doing? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqCNXj3hsLE

+ I actually made a list of things to talk about. I've been keeping a list on my phone. Oh, and I've really been into lists lately. They're so helpful. I've gotten so much done because of them. And I love the feeling of "checking off" the things I've gotten done. Do you like lists?

+ My baby pictures. I just rediscovered my baby pictures. I almost started crying at how cute I used to be [what happened?]. I had wild crazy curls and big eyes and really light skin. I don't mind my skin color but I always wonder what it's like to be white or light-skinned. What is like? [Answer if you know the answer.] Also, do you prefer the way you look now or your baby-toddler self? I legitimately loved how I looked as a baby and I don't care if that sounds vain. 

+ I'm kind of like Emma Watson in a way. I keep journals and diaries and notebooks and I have about a million of them. But what's interesting is that the older I get, the less I actually use my diary. It's funny. It's like the more I actually /do/, the less I write about it. The diaries I still have are my 3rd grade one, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade...and now 10th grade. To be honest, my 10th grade one is the same as my 9th grade one. I remember I used to write pages and pages and pages in one single entry. I used to fear running out of pages for each year. I couldn't believe that I didn't fill up my 9th grade one and that I had half the diary left empty. So I'm using it for 10th grade now. Which, technically, I'm no longer in 10th grade, but more on that later. Anyway. I was thinking about that. I used to write [almost] every day in my diaries and now if I remember to, I'll write twice a month. The reason why this matters to me is that journaling/writing in a diary is one of the ways I cope with things. After writing it down, it clears my head and helps me work out problems. And the fact that I don't do that as much (on paper or online) says something. I used to be better at managing my emotions when I wrote more. And bearing in mind that I may or may not be developing #carpaltunnel or something from typing, it might be wise to start writing with a pencil/pen again or more often. Yeah. That's what I'll do. 

+ Sorry to bore you with that last one. Moving on. Favorite drink of the moment: #sanpellegrino in the #limonata flavor. It's not even that delicious but it quenches my thirst and myyyy has it gotten hot here in California and yeah it's bubbly carbonated water. Mmm. 

+ I found an AWESOME YouTube channel just yesterday. I love the vlogbrothers and their science shows and etc but I don't know about you but they talk reallyyyy fast for me. But their videos are still great. Anyway have you heard of VSAUCE? It's literally amazing. Watch this video, it was the first one I ever watched. And no, it's not really entirely about kissing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixQbCXLUUj8 He talks slow enough for you to understand but....not.....toooo..... slow.... That video really made me think and wow. Just wow. Watch it please and tell me what you think. 

+ My goal this year has been to read 50 books or MORE and sadly I've only read 14 I think... Here's a breakdown of what I've read so far and my ratings.

-The Book Thief, 5/5 #readthisNOW
-Speak, 2/5
-Insurgent, 4/5
-The Summer I Turned Pretty, 0/5
-Delirium, 5/5
-Pandemonium, 3/5
-My Life Undecided, 1/5
-Pride & Prejudice, 5/5 #readthisNOW
-Life of Pi, 4/5
-Leviathan, 5/5 #suchagoodseries 
-Behemoth, 5/5
-Goliath, 5/5 
-Romeo & Juliet, 4/5 #thatwasbeautifullywrittenbillyshakespeare 

+ The next books on my immediate-need-to-read are: Amy & Roger's Epic Detour, Requiem, and Northanger Abbey. 

+ IT'S OFFICIALLY SUMMER! :) Yay for graduation parties, exploring, traveling, sleeping in (more), wohooo!! 

+ That's all for today.... I probably won't have another blog thing up until next week since this week and weekend are going to jam packed with activity and fun and whatnot. 

Okay, so bye! <3 OH and this blouse/top/tank in the set is so cute right? I drew it for fashion design and I'll have it on tumblr soon.
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