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Wrote one year ago
❃Specials❃(only doing most of my besties listed in my bio)

I love being able to communicate with you through polyvore! Thx so much for showing me this website/app,and you have amazing fashion sets! Love ya Jess!

@eessttii/ @eessttii-creations;
It's been so much fun being friends with you here! You have awesome icons and you are super nice! I love your fashion sets too!;D

I love chatting with you and you're an absolutely awesome friend! You have wonderful fashion sets and the clothes and accessories match so well!

@flawed-and-fearless/ @lovely-icons-4-you;
I enjoy being able to be friends with you on polyvore! You're a really nice person and I just love your sets!

I adore your icons and think they are absolutely amazing! It's fun being friends with you here and I hope I can get to know you better!

I absolutely LOVE YOUR ICONS!!! They are very well put together and I love how you're so active! You're an awesome friend!

Wrote one year ago
♪♪"we're not broken just bent and we can learn to love again"♪♪
❃@amra-softic❃@ruska-10❃@meganvbk❃ @livwestin4❃@thtchickisy❃@parkmad11❃ @eessttii❃@y0ur-aw3s0m3-an0ns❃

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♪♪"darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream"♪♪
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