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set 4/10. i changed this around a bit, like i do with all of my sets. they usually get remade like 3 times before they get published. lol. i also changed my icon again, as i do every 3 days hahah. but anyway, the set used to look like this the 'skirt' wrapped around the pants was inspired by @nauditaolivia :)

i've been so into matt and kim lately. if you like passion pit and a sick beat that's easy to jam to, matt and kim are another even weirder alternative for you, haha

i'm going to be sixteen soon !! :o which is funny because it feels like i posted my birthday set not long ago

i had a haircut today! it's kinda this length but maybe a couple of inches longer. and macey's looks like this and while we're looking at links, i found this list of fashion terms and styles. it's actually kind of cool to read, haha

i have been thinking about dyeing my hair but i came to a conclusion that i don't want to now because my hair is so healthy and the last bits of my last hair colouring are gone so i'm all back to my natural colour now. i don't think any other colour could really suit me since it's meant to go with my skin tone and everything, haha

if you know aliencreature (the girl with iconic purple hair lol), you basically know what my sister @d0ntblink is like. they are basically the same person style wise. if you look at aliencreature's instagram, that is basically macey's life lol. they have the same clothes and art stuff, it's weird ahaha. if macey had an ig, that's what it would like like (apart from the 'glorious' kanken backpack and the docs but she's getting there haha). plus macey has purple hair too, but darker

the wonderwall music video just came on rage and my dad was like "oh i like this song" yeah i bet u do. ugh my dad was alive when all this good music came out and he's like "pls i knew it before you did" lol

i had a dream a few weeks ago where i had a reunion with ed sheeran. it was strange to reunite with someone you've never met before

anyway, i'm going. peace

comment a song you think i would like if you read all of this! i've been listening to the same stuff all week :(

- jemma

5.11.15 @polyvore @polyvore-editorial
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