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1. Most significant childhood memory?
Aren't all childhood memories significant? I suppose if i had to choose i would choose the time my dad took me and my brothers to our first Yankee's game. Sadly i didn't catch a ball but its was still an amazing day.

2. First high school crush?.
'Her name was Nina , I was going through a phase'. Sorry i was watching Doctor Who. Enjoy the Oswin quote but in all seriousness It was a guy called Matt , He was cute on a swim team. We dated for like 3 weeks by the end of high school i think he was gay.

3. If you were trapped on a deserted island, what three items would you bring and why?
 A fully functional plane , a pilot , liam (does he count as an item? for the sake of the question he does) to keep me company.

4. If you could lock up 1 celebrity in the house who would it be? 
Just one? What is this! Uhmmmm. Nope can't pick one.
5.What's something that makes you mad ?
In general those kinda of people , the ones like Mitt Romney. Oh and Brody's girlfriend. And failing.
6. Do you have a tattoo or piercing? Would you ever get one?
 I have my ears pierced. That's it because i can't handle pain or needles.

7. What's your pet peeve ?
People chewing gum or people who talk really loudly on the phones.
8.What is your OTP and why? 
Fictional : Lily and Marshall (HIMYM) 'That's love b.itch'
RL : My parents , I kinda have to ship them right.
9.If you could swap bodies with anybody who would it be? 
Emma Stone , She is funny , pretty and dating Andrew Garfield.
10. If you could meet anyone alive or dead who would it be? 
Alive : JK Rowling ( I would attempt to convince her to write more Harry Potter stories , Maybe a marauder series) 
Dead : Princess Diana.
11. Who is a movie villain you find attractive? 
I have no idea , David Tennant made a pretty hot death eater in the goblet of fire.
12.Under what circumstances would you go to a strip club?
If it was like the one in Magic Mike and Alex Pettyfer , Matt Bomer and Channing Tatum where there. In all seriousness i probably wouldn't go to one. Maybe for a hens party.
13.Have you ever let your brother or sister take the blame for something you did?
Yes but to be fair they did same thing to me. Isn't that what siblings are for.
14.What are your top 5 favourite movies of all time and why?
The Lion King - Say what you want but that movie is a classic {Also Mulan but i felt i could only include one disney movie}

Easy A - It's just an awesome movie.

Ferris Buller's Day Off - Again awesome.

The Dark Knight - I have a comic book nerd for a older brother , I was bound to love it. Plus Batman is my favourite super hero and The Joker is the best villian ever.

Pirates Of The Caribbean - Johnny Depp.
15. What’s the most embarrassing thing your parents have ever done in front of you or your friends?
 I have pretty cool parents but one year they dressed as Vampires for Halloween. It was bad because it was the Twilight kinda vampires.

16. What is the worst thing you have ever done whilst drunk? 
 I don't drink , Personal reasons but i have been on many sugar highs and the worst thing i did was run over Leo's foot. If you ask i will say it was a complete accident.

17.Who is your girl crush at the moment?
Lily Collins. She is so pretty apparently i look like her but i don't take that seriously. Also Rachel Bilson i want her closet right now.
18. What’s your favourite book at the moment/of all time?
Harry Potter but if i have to choose a classic The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

19.Favorite TV show and movie? 
I have so many favourite TV shows so here we go : How i met your mother , Big Bang Theory , Doctor Who , Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf , Community.
Movie at the moment Easy A.
20. What word would you use to describe each of your sorority sisters?
- I will do that after i know everyone :)
21.What cartoon character are you most like and why?
Oh god i have no idea. Come back to me for this.
22. Biggest fear?
Failure. Oh and Snakes.
23. Who was the first girl in Theta you met? 
Shay or Ally :)
24.Where would you most like to travel and why?
Europe! because it's Europe.
25.What would you do in the last five minutes of your life?
Is it to cliched to say spend it with the people i love?
26. Your top 3 Musicians/Bands.
Only 3? Again restricting me!
Flo and the machine , Muse , Ed Sherran (One Direction) 

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