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after you're done reading this, you should join camp wazi! it's going to be a really fun roleplay! http://www.polyvore.com/camp_wazi/group.show?id=162648


name; Mackenzie “Mac” Rhodes
age; 18
hometown; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
position; Counselor
camp history; Went to the camp growing up, now she’s back as a counselor.
cabin; Hill 4
likes; Shopping, green tea, yoga, instagram, her ipad, texting, flirting, laying out and getting tan, boyfriend jeans, fishtail braids, concerts, chick flicks, parties, painting, taking risks.
dislikes; Most kids, getting dirty, not being able to be pampered, fish, authority figures, rainy days, being out of touch with gossip or social media.
bio; Once a shy girl, Mackenzie has become somewhat of a legend at Camp Wazi…and not necessarily in a good way. Mac started attending Camp Wazi when she was eight years old. No one ever heard a peep out of her until she was a teenager. Once she started to be more comfortable around boys, Mac loosened up and became a terror in the counselors’ eyes. She’s been known for her shenanigans whether it be sneaking out of the cabins to meet up with the boys or skinny dipping in the lake. Mac’s behavior at home isn’t any different. She’s wild, carefree, and drives her parents crazy. Her parents want her to learn some responsibility for college, so they convinced her to apply for a job at Wazi. Mac’s parents promised her that if she keeps this job through the summer, they’ll help her out with her payments for her upcoming start in college. Over the years, Mac has lost all interest in Wazi, but now needs money for college - so she’s desperate. Mac’s parents convinced Louis and Katherine that Mac is a changed girl…that’s why she got the job. Although Mac is known to be wild, she’s going to try her hardest to be on her best behavior this summer.
model; Cailin Russo
taken by; @labellabeautyxo

Micah Parish; 20
hometown; Ann Arbor, Michigan
position; counselor
cabin; grove 1
bio; Micah is new to Camp Wazi. He’s in Maine for college and needed a summer job. He’s a friendly guy who gets along with everyone and works extremely well with kids. His looks don't hurt any of the girls either. He's seen as one of the camp hotties.
model; Brenton Thwaites

Johnny Toth; 19
hometown; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
position; counselor
cabin; grove 3
bio; Johnny is familiar with Camp Wazi, being a regular camper/counselor every year. Like Mac, he's known to be a bit of a troublemaker. Every year, Johnny and Mac have a fling even though their relationship is toxic. Throughout each summer they would breakup and makeup at least five times. When they're on though, they're inseparable and have a lot of fun together. Although they've never pursued their relationship out of camp, it doesn't mean they don't care for each other. Mac and Johnny haven't seen each other in two years. Will their relationship pick back up where it ended?
model; Luke Davis

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