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Tryout for Southern Hospitality!

Klaire Donovan
age: 16
year: 3rd
Klaire Donovan is considered to be the brightest child to ever step foot on Pemberley's campus. Not only that, but she's one of the most well liked girls at school. She's one of Chanel's closest friends, which is saying a lot, and has nearly everyone laughing until their ribs hurt. She can bring a smile to almost anyone's face in a matter of moments and her track record is flawless. Now that's where things get a little hazy. Even those in Societas de Copus Humanis are completely unsure of what scandals she's been a part of - and almost every one of them has been a part of something. Everyone's big question is, how does she manage to be a part of the inner circle when there's never been a single ill rumor about her? Makes you wonder now doesn't it. Does Golden Girl have a little ding on the edges? Perhaps, but if she continues like how she has, no one will ever know.
taken by: istylista 
model: Rosie Tupper

Top 3:
Anise Cathilion 
Juliette Godwin
Eleanor West


The girls and I were hanging out in the usual place, the common room. By girls I meant Jayde, Chanel, Emmy, and Victoria. With all the suspicion and tension at Pemberley these days, a part of me wondered how we still managed to be friends, or at least, appear as friends. We all knew we liked each others' company and some of us had been close for many years, but we all also knew that we had to be careful. 

Everyone was a suspect. 

"Klaire, are you listening?" Victoria tapped my shoulder, bringing me out of my reverie. 

I sat up straighter, clutching the novel that was on my lap, that I had been trying to read prior to my little daydream. "Yeah," I recovered fast and joined back into the conversation as usual. 

And as usual, the conversation was about none other than Elsie Nichols and the murder. I understood it was an important subject, but I was tired of talking about it so much, which was /all/ the time. Especially since we were getting new pieces of information almost every day. 

I locked eyes with Emmy for a second and I could tell she felt the same way. But it didn't matter, we couldn't really do anything. We weren't allowed to change the subject. Chanel had this thing where she could make anyone in earshot /want/ to listen to her, to want to know what she has to say, to want to eat up her every word. 

It worked, even for me, one of her closest friends. She just had this thing about her. Besides, I secretly was interested, maybe even a little scared. 

"Like I was saying," Chanel went on, "they're back again."

"Who?" Emmy asked innocently. Emmy wasn't very hard for me to figure out. She was different, but she smart. She knew exactly what we were talking about. She gave off a vibe of unintelligence, of ignorance, but I had a feeling that it was just a facade. 

Chanel stared at her patronizingly, "The police, who else? God, Emmy, keep up."

"Why are they even here now? This story is a year old." I asked, looking everyone in the eye, trying my best to channel Chanel's attitude. 

"The anonymous tip, remember?" Jayde said, prompting Chanel. 

"Right. They're here again after receiving the tip that said Elsie was with the Society that night." 

We all looked at each other. The silence was deafening. There was nothing to say.
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