full name -x- scorpius hyperion malfoy
age & year -x- seventeen / seventh
house -x- slytherin
wand -x- 12 & 3/4 inches, hawthorne, unicorn hair
bio -x- scorpius has a perfect life -- perfect reputation, perfect family, perfect best friend (he's even a special favorite of madame pince). who could ever ask for more? he could and does. daily. in the privacy of his own mind, that is. to be more specific, he asks for //less//. he's sick of the perfection, sick of everything being sculpted and shaped to one 'perfect' lifestyle. he wishes someone would come tear right through his pretty picture of a life, leaving havoc in their wake. he wishes that somebody would streak a paintbrush coated in red acrylic over his not-quite-dry pastel watercolor. he's sick of perfection, but he can never be anything //but//, so he buries his dreams in books on werewolves and quidditch, plastering on a fake smile for his hundreds of classmates.
personality -x- scorpius is... sociable enough. he gets along with people, if that's what you mean by 'sociable'. he's practical, he's //calm//. he thinks things through, but he can't ever quite control his words when it comes to gemini or lysander -- things just pour out, filling up the empty spaces with a bit of mangled truth. he's devoted, yes. when he puts himself to something, he does it wholeheartedly. all or nothing. tout ou rien. his personal motto, you could say. he never hesitates to defend his sister, to offer up his protection. and he won't stop that, not until she ruins it or he dies. he sticks with things, irregardless.
likes -x-
+ lysander, his best mate
+ reading
+ books
+ the smell of books, specifically old ones
+ quidditch {is it alright if he's seeker?}
+ girls
+ potions
+ studying
+ swimming
+ the library
+ inter-house unity
+ the potter-weasley clan
+ making his parents proud
+ tea
dislikes -x-
+ his father's past
+ orion lestrange
+ his sister's rebelliousness
+ the outdoors, though he spends quite a bit of his time there
+ care of magical creatures
+ betrayal
+ liars
+ coffee
+ waking up early
patronus -x- a wolf
boggart -x- the dark mark
favorite subject -x- potions, merely because it helps him brew lysander's wolfsbane every month
model -x- jeremy dufour
taken by -x- sowr0ngitsriley


full name -x- gemini elizabeth malfoy
age & year -x- sixteen / sixth
house -x- ravenclaw
wand -x- 10 inches, holly, dragon heartstring
bio -x- mini has everything her brother doesn't. she isn't popular. she isn't perfect. hell, she's far from it. she's that crazy ball of energy, she's the unpredictable bat out of hell. //she// is the scarlet streak across her parents' lives. and it's all their fault. while scorpius was being doted on, she was being ignored. while scorpius was being spoiled, she was being deprived. so, she turned to the outdoors. she turned to art, damn it. and it's her, wielded with watercolors, a canvas, and a polaroid etched with the initials 'c.c.' and burn marks on it you can find in a clearing just past the initial thicket of shrubbery of the forbidden forest, her lips unmoving as thestrals surround her, her hand flicking back and forth across the whiteness, filling it up like her parents forgot to fill her with love and caring.
personality -x- they say she has social anxiety; she says she just likes being alone. irregardless of who's correct in that particular situation, you couldn't get mini into a conversation with more than just herself and another person if you tried. hell, it's hard for anybody except her brother and lysander to get her talking at all. but, when she does, it's like you've opened up a pearly white gateway into a personal loony bin, her words swirling around "wow"s and "lovely"s as she voices her thoughts. it's like she has no filter, she's like a deep drag off a cigarette, the tobacco swirling into your mind until you ask yourself why you began talking to her at all -- her brother thinks she's a genius. her classmates beg to differ.
likes -x-
+ being alone
+ greece
+ fairytales
+ her old polaroid camera
+ writing
+ lysander scamander
+ her brother
+ the courtyards
+ the forbidden forest
+ painting
+ birds
+ hippogriffs
+ bubble baths
+ earl grey tea
dislikes -x-
+ her father's past
+ electronics of any sort
+ arrogant gryffindors
+ oral exams
+ talking, period
+ her brother's ordinariness
+ the confinement of indoors
+ her housemates
+ sports, period
+ the muggle therapist her mum forces her to go to
+ her parents, specifically astoria
+ transfiguration
+ social situations
+ waking up early
patronus -x- a sparrow
boggart -x- throngs of people
favorite subject -x- care of magical creatures
model -x- kaya scodelario
taken by -x- sowr0ngitsriley

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Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
Aww no :(
IT IS GONE!! *le cry*

Wrote 4 years ago
no, we definitely posted somewhere, because i have a set of the ~aftermath.
i used to have my kissing story on my computer, but i deleted it and then emptied my recycle bin.

Wrote 4 years ago
I think I lost my kissing story :(
Or did we just plan and never write?


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