If you like to roleplay and write stories please read this: 

My character Daisy Thames is going off to college. I had originally wanted her to go to University of Washington because it is close to where I live and I think it is fun to write close to home. But then I started thinking of my old roleplay, Streets of Seattle. Some of you may remember it. I was thinking of opening it back up but only if enough people seem interested. It is about college girls living in a dorm in Seattle, Washington. I think it was a good roleplay that didn't live long enough. I don't think it lived because there were way too many members and I wasn't the most active. I'm really active with my character Daisy and I was going to make the group smaller. It would be really laid back with brand new characters. About one set per week. 

Here is the bio of the group if you werent in it before: 

Welcome to Seattle, Washington. Seattle sits in the Northwest corner of the United Sates, surrounded by majestic mountains, wonderful waters, and stunning scenery all around. Famous for it’s music, coffee houses, fish harbors, liberals, and rainy days. It is a city filled with diverse people. Amongst those people are the girls of McMahon Hall at the University of Washington. They come from have different dreams, personalities, and backgrounds but now they are living in a dorm at the heart of Washington Sate. 

So comment and let me know if you are interested! I am tagging all the roleplayers I can think of but if you aren't interested you dont have to comment if you dont want too :) Sorry if I forgot anyone or if you didn't want to be tagged. Also even if you arent tag still let me know if you are interested. 

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