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todays my last day of school
i have 3 days of exams next week then summer
and of course my last day is bombarded by dumb stuff can't deal with it really
i'm not even excited for summer yet i don't know why
i think i'm running cross country next fall which is funny considering i HATE running
i have a job this summer though i start mid june you know life guarding
i don't know what else really
i'm not in a good mood
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Wrote three years ago
ahhaa @sandi-ch33ks thanks chica
my exams went fine, i wasnt too stressed which was a surprise and i passed yayay. thanks for asking <33
i start my life guard training tomorrow so i can be certified and guard your life from across the world lol i gotchuuu sand-man <333

Wrote three years ago
the most beautiful set of items ever katie
well done
pat on the back 4 u
DUDE how were your exams?!??! you're an einstein so i bet they were a breeze and i bet you did well
omg katie the life guard!! sounds amazing! you're going to be saving people and stuff
bye xxx

Wrote three years ago
@deja-entendu right. and the ideas that i do have of what i want to do they aren't straight forward and i haven't planned them so there's no point in trying to explain what i think i would like to do because its all still way up in the air. i want to travel, work in different places, teach, and create stuff. but telling that to people isn't easy lol

Wrote three years ago
yeah yeah yeahhhhh i know what you mean, all year when people have asked me those questions im just like ummmm idk?! i wanna make lots of moneyz, yo. and everyone else around me is so sure about what they wanna be, doctors, engineers, all that crap :0

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