daily swift rant. <3

oh my god. she's beautiful. she's perfect. i wanna meet her. omg. 

i can't wait till her new album. the songs are gonna be ~ i don't even know. i just know its a mixture of romance, beauty & perfection. because that's taylor swift.

she writes what everybody else feels but nobody can put it into words like taylor swift can. a;ldkfsj 


dear taylor swift, 

 i love you so much. 
words cannot begin to describe how much i love you. in december 2OO9, i heard the most amazing song in the world -- our song. i was at my best friend's birthday party & i found her taylor swift cd. of course i listened to all the songs. since that moment on, i was a fan. & whenever my best friend came over, she would have to bring that cd over as well. & we would blast it in my room. 

i never was interested in celebs or music until you, taylor swift. i was young so all i knew were the jonas brothers and hannah montana. i remember being so excited because i finally had a favorite artist that wasn't from disney channel & you were an artist my dad didn't think was a bad influence. you're every girl dreams of being like. 

you've made a huge impact on my life. without you i wouldn't have embraced myself ~ my natural self. before i used to dry my hair straight every single time i took a shower because i hated my natural hair. it was curly and not even the pretty curl. i never wore my hair natural, ever. you believe in never changing yourself & that made me realize that i need accept who i am & my hair. now i rarely ever dry my hair straight. i leave my curly curls untamed and out for the world to see. 

taylor swift you give girls confidence. you give them courage. & that's exactly what you gave me. and i just want to say thank you for that. 

god, there's so much more i want to say.



there's so much more i want to say, but i'll save that for later. & i'll finish my letter later. 

goodnight, agaiin.

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