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Intro to Lucca Grayson for Make Me Perfect! 

Name: Lucca Grayson
Age: 18
From: Detroit, Michigan
Category: perfect reputation
Style: changes from day to day, but is full of muted colors and leather. 
Bio: Lucca comes from the city of crime. As a little girl growing up around so much corruption and fabrication, Lucca became fascinated with it. It was so far from perfection, yet people seemed to be obsessed with it, especially her. She would wear grungy makeup and dress up her Barbies in torn tank tops with fake blood staining their clothes. When she entered high school, Lucca transformed herself into an it girl. Well, at least she tried. She envied all of those popular perfect girls, the ones who the boys wanted, the ones who the other girls like Lucca wanted to be. She hated those girls for stealing her spotlight, for stealing the reputation that belonged to her. So she committed her own crime. She murdered those popular girls in cold blood. Her, a little cute freshman, killed three peppy classmates who were only 15-years-old. If there was so much crime in the city, who would even care if Lucca added to it? Especially if no one found out? Well, fortunately for Lucca, it become one of the most investigated homicides, but the murderer wasn’t found. Lucca was also good at crime scene investigation; she knew how to cover her tracks. But as the investigation of the three popular girls started to pick up speed, Lucca feared the police would somehow figure it out. She begged her parents to go to boarding school in London for “a better education” and was finally granted her wish right before her sophomore year started. Once she got to London, she was placed at the top. She was the popular perfect girl she had always wanted to be. She was the nice, pretty, smart, all-around-American with a steel exterior. But sooner or later, someone else will get in her way, particularly now that she is out of high school. So as Lucca believes, sometimes to get a good reputation you have to do bad things. 
Model: Hailey Clauson
Taken By: @luxecouture

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Hey everyone, I'm Lucca! I'd love to meet all of you, if I don't already know you. I just graduated from Queenswood and I'm going to Oxford now. I hope we can hang out sometime, I love cute tea shops!
xx Lucca

[just so everyone knows, Lucca is very sweet and friendly, but if you get on her bad side or in her way, she has a very dark secret that could affect you in a deadly way.]

Who wants to be Lucca's friend/frenemy/enemy? Comment below and make your intros ladies! :)
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