***Top Set on August 27, 2013***

August 21, 2013

Song of the day: These Streets - Bastille

Wow. How long has it been since I last made a set?? Call me overdramatic, but it feels like it's been forever. 

So what have I been up to these past couple of days, you might ask?

Well, this week I went to the city twice. TWICE! That's like a record for me. On Tuesday, I went with my friends and we went around Union Square and stuff, and stopped by the Forever 21 there. Of course, when I went into the fitting room, I realized that everything I had in my hands had stripes! Typical me. I ended up getting a basic striped tank that looks quite like the one in this set, and a basic navy striped tee that I'm obsessed with. It's so simple, but it's perfect in its minimalism. Then when we were walking, we passed this adorable looking corridor-like street-- I have no idea what it functions as, but it's called La Maison Francaise and I think it's a part of NYU or something but I took a picture because it's such a cute setting: http://24.media.tumblr.com/b613f862986adfdfc4e8c6fded8662eb/tumblr_mrwui4dX081s57nb6o1_500.jpg. Minus the skyscraper in the background, it literally could look like you were in some adorable European town. 

Then today, I went again to bring a family friend who's visiting from France, and we passed by Rockefeller Plaza because, you know, it's kind of a tourist-y stop, and omg. I've never been good at those "guess how many jelly beans are in this jar?" type things, but there were, say, about 50 girls or so barricaded in next to the sidewalk CAMPING OUT 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE FOR (of course) 1D. Because they're going to be on the Today Show on Friday. It was crazy. I mean, I've heard of things like that before, of course, but it was just astounding to witness it firsthand. It makes it seem a million more times extreme. 

But anyways. 

I really, really, really need to finish my college essay soon because school's gonna start up and I'll have zero time and it needs to be perfect and ugh my mind's like ASJGHJAHGKD. But it's so hard and the words just don't come. Meh.

Wish me good luck!

And tell me all about how all of you guys are doing because it really feels like it's been forever.

Okay. Bye now!


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