"Take a Walk", Passion Pit

Number: 56
Name: Jenilyn Alexandra Wolfe
Born: Slums 
Personality: Jenilyn was always the rebel girl, and that hasn’t changed much since she’s become a Reboot. She’s a quiet rebel, but once her mind is set on something, she goes after it any way she can. Her usual look is somewhat pensive and thoughtful, and most people who know her would say that she spends a lot of time to herself, but there’s a steely determination behind those eyes. Determination, and the evidence of memories that she both would prefer she not still have, yet she also clings to them desperately as her connection to the humanity that has otherwise been lost to her.
Bio: Growing up in the slums, young Jenilyn had always been told that there wasn’t a way out. Her family wasn’t quite as bad off as others in the slums, seeing as they had simply ended up there because of poverty and not because of any drug habits or violence, and she still had both parents, but there still was only the smallest of windows open for the young girl to see what could be possible had she not ended up here. She’d always dreamed of getting out, and one day, she managed to slip away and into Rico. Not to actually do anything other than just see what it was like, and ironically, the escape she’d so longed for happened to fall right into her lap in the form of a young man. Nicholas Kane, the son of a diplomat and destined to follow in his father’s footsteps, yet for some random trick of fate. He fell for the waifish young Jenilyn, and a forbidden romance began. She found herself looking for more ways of slipping past the boundaries, and one night the romance was discovered. More accurately, Nicholas’ father the diplomat had grown suspicious and sent someone to follow his son, and when it was discovered that he was meeting with a girl from the slums, things got nasty. Nicholas helped plot a plan to run away, but on the night it was supposed to happen, an assassin intercepted the duo and Jenilyn found herself on the wrong end of a bullet, only to wake up 56 minutes later on the way to HARC and the death room. As far as she knows, her love escaped believing she was dead, and she’d rather it stays that way even though the still human part of her misses him dearly. She knows there’s no going back, so trying to return to him is out of the question. Instead, she decided to prove herself as the best Reboot trainee and agent since that seems to be the only escape left to her. She can’t go back to Nicholas, and she can’t go back to her parents. Staying with HARC is the best place for her.
Model: Taylor Marie Hill
Collection: http://www.polyvore.com/practice_isnt_perfect_but_market/collection?id=2640298
‘Meet me in our normal spot, 9 pm.’ 

I’d looked at the note so many times by now that the creases were barely holding together. Even so, it was like there was so much behind those few simple words that I couldn’t stop looking at them. I knew that it hadn’t been easy for Nick to get the message to myself, even if we’d both been in the same area, and there was a lot I still needed to organize in order to be able to slip away and past the unspoken line between the slums and Rico in order to even get there. I wasn’t about to not show up, though, no matter how dangerous it was. I would have literally walked through flames for him, and I liked to believe that he would have done the same for me. It was just easier for me to blend in with the shadows of Rico at dusk and then the pitch darkness than it would have been for him to blend in at my home. I was used to not standing out, whereas he simply did without even trying. That was just part of his very existence, and oddly enough, it was one of the things I loved about him. That and the fact that, out of everyone he could have chosen, he’d chosen me. Little Jenilyn Wolfe, dreamer and wretch. 

The latter was what others called me, since I’d always been little and delicate. Half the people in the slums had expected me to just die off, since I barely focused on doing anything I was supposed to do. Other than my lessons at home, my mind was usually off in the clouds, thinking of what could happen if I tried hard enough. Ironically, I had, and now I had Nick. I had him, and I knew that part of the meeting tonight was going to be figuring out how we could get away and be together. We just had to get away. I didn’t know where, but there had to be somewhere we could go and not be bothered again. Somewhere we could go and not hide our love for each other.
It had taken a bit more work than usual, but I’d gotten past the guards and everyone early enough that I’d actually had to wait. I had the watch that he’d given me several days earlier so I wasn’t limited to using the sun to tell time, but it wasn’t exactly as easy as just hanging around and waiting. I had to stay unseen, or I would get noticed and either dragged back to the slums or arrested. I refused to think of any other alternatives, but it was still easier to just stick to the shadows until it got dark enough that nobody would notice me anyway. Especially seeing as our normal meeting place was an alleyway that few people frequented.

Even so, I’d been on high alert when I’d sensed someone coming up behind me in the shadows, although the fight response had dissolved into a soft giggle as Nick had wrapped his arms around my waist and scooped me up. “You surprised me,” I quietly reprimanded him as we’d moved further into the alley and to relative safety, before I’d twisted around to kiss him as he’d set me back on my feet. I couldn’t actually stay angry at him for long, and we’d started talking in whispers almost as soon as I’d hit the ground. Plans, just idle conversation, and everything that we couldn’t do through contraband letters when we were separated by the borders. Everything was going well, and I’d boosted myself up onto my toes to kiss him again as we’d gone back to the discussion of getting away only to collapse into his chest as I felt a sharp burning pain bloom across my side. Looking down as his arms went around me, I noticed blood and immediately fainted.

Only to wake up 56 minutes later in an ambulance, my fingers immediately grasping for the fabric of Nick’s shirt only to find him not there. The only people around me were officials who wouldn’t tell me anything other than that I had died. I’d died, and as I wracked my brain, all I remembered was hearing Nick say he loved me and that I couldn’t leave him after he’d laid me on the ground.

That was still all I remembered, as I’d woken up from the dream yet again, looking around myself to see the now-familiar glass walls of the HARC facility, my roommate asleep in their bed, and nothing that I’d ever expected back then. All I had left were the memories, and my new reality as a Reboot.
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