All Things Must Pass | George Harrison
All Things Must Pass, 1971
2 - 24 - 14

A message to my inbox; 
NO ONE is getting a reply until tomorrow morning or tomorrow afternoon. It's late, and I need to go to sleep. I only made this set because 1) I need to celebrate this day(you will read why soon) and 2) I wanted to tell everyone about my top set & my tour today cx 

Oh my George, if he was still alive this amazing man would be seventy-one years old! Rest in peace George!! 

In other news... 
[although not nearly as important as George's birthday, mind you]
Today was touring day for the 8th graders transitioning to high school. I was one of those 8th graders. 
I really didn't learn much about that school, but we got to follow a high schooler around and Caleb was in my group, so we talked to each other cx about us! There was lots of relationship discussion. 
He said, in an offhand way, he wouldn't want to have a steady girlfriend until he's older and can drive and take her places. 
And I respect that. For him, I will wait if I have to. 
[cue the AWWWWWS]
After the tour, I was walking through the hallway trying to help my friend find her dad, and I saw Caleb with his group of guy friends. He, piggy-backing off of a previous conversation, said something about my clarinet and how they don't sound very nice. 
So of course, I thought that the best way to get back at him was to hug him in front of his friends. 

And... One more thing. 
I would like to thank each and every one of you for helping me finally get a top set!!!! 
You can find it here;
Thank you all! And thank all of you many new followers c; 

So, that was my story for today. What did you all do? I would love to hear all about your adventures, or feelings, in the comments below! If you really don't have much to tell, just tell me how you're doing. 
And NEVER be afraid to PM me c; I might take a while to answer, but I don't bite!


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@princessawesome02 I feel you. My mom's car almost didn't start this morning!

Wrote two years ago
I'm like so mad. We're stuck in a crappy hotel waiting for the car repair man..the battery died because it was so cold.

Wrote two years ago
@princessawesome02 uh-huh, I hear you! Hehe I'm expecting a hug from him tomorrow... I sent him a virtual hug and he said he will actually hug me next time we see each other.

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United Colors of Polyvore

United Colors of Polyvore

Viva the color revolution!!!!! If you have a great sense of style and love mix color, your place is here!!!!!! Hope many contests and trophies here :)
♥ Ka and Doug

Your Personal Best

Your Personal Best

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Creating Beauty to Share

Creating Beauty to Share

We Live in Africa ~ Our Design Inspiration is Nature ~ Our Purpose Is People ~ Creating Beauty to Share
This group is open to everyone...We as people are all connected...We will have many contests with prizes. Let's share our Polyvore creations using products from The Leakey Collection to spread the word about the beauty of fair trade.
Together we can make a better world.

♡ fashion lovers ♡

♡ fashion lovers ♡

This group is for anyone who loves fashion c:
Invite your friends, we will have many contests!

Restarted April, 2014

à la Mode

à la Mode

A group created for Fashion Lovers who enjoy creating sets for contests. Everyone is welcome. Go on, be creative and design sets a la mode :)
PS: Tip for contests - the newer your set, the more chance to be considered for a win :) Also, I prefer backgrounds for contest entries in this group :)

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