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Sunday April 22 {Mandatory} : Bonjour and welcome to Versailles! All of you will be arriving from your respective homes today to kick off the royal wedding court of Prince Louis Auguste de France XVIII & Princess Margaret Anne Elizabeth of Wales. Get settled into your respective rooms, meet your roommate if you have one and then prepare to attend they royal commencement ball. The ball is being putting on by the King & Queen and is FORMAL attire. There will be hundred of guests at this lavish affair but you all are the guests of honor. Should make for a magical night.
elodia belén carlos//modern bourgeois
mood: flirty, engaged and social.
style: classic.
hair: in a simple chignon with curled tendrils.
weather: cloudy, overcast evening.
with: everyone.
venue: the royal commencement ball
Part Two: The Ball

"And then after all that, I realized the glasses were on top of my head the WHOLE time! So then daddy didn't have to sue Burberry after all. And..."

I pressed my cell phone to my ear, saying things like "No Way!" or "Seriously?" while on the phone with the lovely Ornette. She was like a delicate little baby. I just wanted to wrap her up in a cashmere shawl and give her a mug of cocoa. The least I could do was sound interested about the sunglasses story. But nevertheless, I loved her like my little sister Sybil. And /that/ was saying something.

I was hunched over my knees streaking black Essie nail polish across my pinky toe. Though doing my own nails is a hassle, I can't stand when other people touch my feet. 

"Anyways, El! I'll see you at the ball?" Ornette asks.
"Most definitely." I smile through the phone and stand up. I punch the 'end call' button and toss it onto my bed. Waddling over to the 180 mirror I inspect the length of my Herrera. Was it too short? No... Was it?

Usually I wouldn't obsess over something so minor as my dress length but this would be the first time seeing Yves again since the breakup. I couldn't look anything less than perfection. My phone buzzes on the comforter, inching it's way off my bed. Beatrice's face glows through the screen.

Speaking of perfection.

"What's up, Bea." I ask lazily, flopping onto my bed and swinging my legs out. I scrunch my face by her volume and turn it down.

"FASHION CRISIS, ELODIA! So I'm wearing this adorable blue number I got at a vintage Chanel auction and I don't know what shoes to wear. Keep it simple with kitten heels or sexy in peep toes?" She waits, like she already knows the answer. "Peeptoes, isn't it. Alright! Thanks!" She hangs up. I didn't even get a word in. 

But that's okay, I had a ball to attend. 

• • •

It was Clarice and Simone I saw first. No sign of Yves. I saunter over to them, plucking a bubbling flute of champagne on my way. 

"You girls are looking particularly stunning today. But Clarice' you know how I hate those purses". I wave it off like it's no big deal. People should get used to this. I spit out the truth like a flaming fireball. You just had to dodge the hit or stay out of the target zone. 

"Pleasure as always" Clarice smiles slightly. 
"Hello again, Elodia!" pipes Simone. God that girl was a sight. I smile at the two of them

Yves wasn't here yet.

"If you can pardon me, girls. I need a visit to the powder room". I make a disgusted face, not believing I said what I did. Powder room? God, was I one of /those/ girls? Clarice and Simone giggle. 

I drift towards the foyer, checking for any sign of him before heading to the bathroom.

With a shaky hand, I smear on another coat of a shiny nude lipstick. Just as I was applying a thin line of liquid eyeliner...


The winged tip might as well have flown right off my face. I turn around, ready to give this bi/tch a lesson. But I knew that voice. It was Aveline.

"You do know I don't play nice, don't you Ave?" I smirk, scavenging my purse for eye makeup remover. I dab at my eye and re-apply it again.

"Sorry, El. Just haven't seen you in a while." the two of us exchange a hug. I'm the one to pull apart.

"Sweetie, where's Marie? I told her I'd come say hello once I got here". I pretend I don't see Aveline roll her eyes. I grab both her arms reassuringly. 

"Don't be so upset, Aveline. You are just as accomplished as her". With a kiss on the cheek, I head out of the bathroom.

Yves was talking to Prince Louis. I stopped short.

We stared awkwardly at each other. He must've started working out more or /something/. He's way hotter than I remember. I could feel his elevator eyes burning into me. Maybe he was thinking I got hotter too.

Good. Then he'll want what he can't have. 
Because we're over.
And I have no feelings for him.
Because we're through.

Oh f/uck.
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