i know this is a terrible set and i dont care. i know people called me emo yesterday and i embraced it. i know my dad treats me like shiit and i just act like i dont notice. 

im really truly happy again. and its all because of black veil brides. and sammi doll. after all theyre advise and things, and looking at inspiring quotes, ive realized that, hey, we only have one life to do whatever we want with. you can spend it focusing on all the bad stuff or you can go out and do whatever the fuck you want and not care what anyone else thinks. you control your happiness. even if you have no one on your side, you can still take all that loneliness and anger and turn it into something beautiful. im finally starting to do what i am totally passionate about, which is photography. i take pictures and know that, even if they turn out bad, its only the beginning and i will get better with time and a better camera. and i dont care if people say i cant do it. im gonna go out and do it anyway. "all this bullsh!t made me stronger than a motherf*cker"

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