wednesday: free day- liam is coming home, so it's confession time.
"Are you sure you don't want me to come with you?" Alex asks, holding my hand.

"I am," I nod, "I have to do this on my own. Just wait in the lobby, and I'll call you when you can come up... or just come when you see Liam leaving."

"Okay," he just says, furrowing his brows.

"I'll break up with him, Alex, don't worry," I hug him, wrapping my arms around his neck, our faces only inches apart.

"I wasn't worrying," he scoffs and I smile. He's so hot when he's jealous. I press my lips on his, reassuring him.

"Well, that's good because you have nothing to worry about anyways. I know I... I cheated on Liam but this is different. It's you. I would never want to hurt you, let alone leave you," I whisper, my arms staying around him. I've never been one for physical closeness, but something about Alex makes me want to touch him. Hug him. Kiss him. It just makes me want to show the world we're together and that there's no better feeling than this. There really isn't.

"Call me if you need me," he says, "I'll wait here."

"Bye," I give his hand one final squeeze, biting my lip as I press the elevator button to go up. Liam will be here in around 10 minutes, so I'll just... wait for him in my room, splash some cold water on my face and wait. I slide the keycard through the keycard thing and let my Prada bag fall to the floor. I quickly send a text to Alex, telling him to let me know when he sees Liam in the lobby but making sure Liam doesn't see him.

Suddenly there's a knock on the door, and I jump, startled. My heart is beating loudly in my chest and my stomach is nervously churning, as I push down the door handle.

"Hey, baby," Liam greets me, leaning in for a kiss. I dodge it, by hugging him, as we step inside my room.

"Hey," I say, a nervous smile playing on my lips.

"I've missed you so much, how are you?" He asks.

"Good," I say, my voice slightly higher than usual and my British accent more dominant than ever.

"Is everything alright?" He asks, looking at me confused.

I nod, "Yeah..." I just can't tell him, I can't. All of a sudden, Alex' face pops into my mind, his eyes pleading with me. And as much as I can't tell Liam, I can stand seeing Alex upset even less.

"I need to tell you something, Liam," I say, the words rushing out of my mouth.

"What is it?" He says, looking at me, his face struck with worry.

"When you were gone... something happened. Something I'm not very proud of. I... I slept with Alex," I confess, looking down at my hands, which are now shaking.

"What?" He asks, his voice dark and angry, scaring me.

"I'm sorry, Liam. I don't mean for it to happen, I really didn't... but Alex, Alex is so incredible. I can't leave him, I just couldn't. I'm sorry Liam, but we're over."

"You can't be serious."

"I'm really sorry," I say, "I honestly didn't plan for this to happen. He just... he was there for me and it just happened."

"You're a wh-re, April," he spits and my eyes widen in shock, "You're a dirty sl-t, and if I find that sc-mbag Alex, I'll smash his head in."

"Liam-" I whisper, my voice breaking.

"Shut up, who-re!" He yells, taking a dangerous step closer to me. I inch back until I'm pressed up against the wall, with Liam right there. My body is shaking in fear, and I look at him with wide eyes.

"You don't do that to me, not to me, you ugly tr-mp," he yells. And before I even know what happened, Liam hits me, straight on the nose. I stare at him in shock for a moment, before the pain starts to kick in. I can feel blood trickling down my face, onto my tank top. I feel like I can't breathe and tears spring to my eyes, as his face comes dangerously close to mine, once again.

"This isn't over." He yanks open the door and slams it shut behind him, as I sink to the floor, my back pressed against the wall. Tears are running down my face now, and my breathing quickens, as I sit there, not able to believe what just happened. I can't move, I can't breathe, my body is shaking. I need Alex, I want to call him but I can't; I'm frozen.

Suddenly there's an urgent knock on the door but I can't move, still sitting there paralyzed.

"April?" Alex calls, his voice full of concern and worry. "April, open the door."

I want to answer him but the words are stuck in my throat, as he knocks on the door again, this time more forceful, "April! Open the door, please."

"Alex," I whisper, my voice hoarse... I can taste the blood on my lips. He probably can't hear me, and I can almost see him outside my room, probably scared as hell right now.

"April, if you don't open the door right now, I'm coming in," he says. There's no point in moving, as I can't anyways and my body slumps together, as I wrap my arms around my shaking knees, burying my face. There's a loud thud against the door, and another, and another before the door breaks open, Alex half tripping in.

"April, oh my god. Holy f-ck, April, what the hell happened?" He crouches down beside me, pulling my face up and he gasps when he sees my bloody nose.

"Did he do this to you?" He asks, "April, did Liam do this to you?"

I manage to nod before hiding my face again, embarrassed and overwhelmed.

"I'm going to kill him. I'm going to find him and murder him, that f-cking w-nker, I'll kill him," he jumps up.

"Alex..." I whisper, and he crouches down again, hugging me close. I hide my face against his chest, crying and shaking, getting blood and tears all over his shirt.

"April," he hugs me tight, "baby, don't cry. Does it hurt? My god, what a f-cking tw-t, how dare he hit you. No man is allowed to hit a woman, ever."

"Alex," I weep, "He hit me... It hurts."

"I know, I'm so sorry. I should have never let you come up here alone, I'm such an idiot. Let's go to the hospital, I'll take you to the ER."

"No!" My head snaps up, "It's fine. I'm fine." I try and wipe my nose but wince, as my hand makes contact with it.

"You're obviously not fine, April, just let me take care of you. I won't hurt you, you just need to be taken care of right now."

"I know, I know you wouldn't," I sniffle, "Alex, I don't understand."

He lifts me up, carrying me over to the bed bridal-style, setting me down carefully, "I'm going to get a towel. I'll be right back, you won't even know I'm gone."

I give him a tiny smile, so thankful for his goofiness, as he disappears to my bathroom. I don't even want to look at myself right now, I must be a total bloody mess. (No pun intended). Alex is back already, handing me a small white towel.

"Here you go. Are you sure you don't want to go to the hospital?"

I nod, "I just want to stay here... Alex, he said some really horrible things. About me and you, and he scared me. He said he'd... he said... that he'd kill you if he found you."

"April, he won't ever lay a finger on you again. I promise." He looks me in the eyes sincerely, and I can tell he's dead serious right now.

"Alex, what if he hurts you?"

"He won't hurt me," he scoffs, obviously pulling the tough guy act. I've gotten most of the blood off my face for now, and I grab his face.

"Alex, promise me you won't do anything stupid. Stay away from Liam!" I'm worried now, because there's a slightly vacant look in his eyes, so I pull his face closer to mine, "Promise me."

"April, he deserves-"

"He deserves to be pushed in front of a bus, but promise me you won't do anything. Look at me," our faces are only inches apart, "Please. I couldn't stand the thought of you getting hurt or getting in trouble. Don't do that to me. Please, for me. Promise!"

He sighs, "I promise."

"Don't break your promise," I say, looking up into his green eyes.

"I love you, April. I'm so sorry this had to happen to you. I should have never slept with you, I was stupid and it's because of me this has all happened."

"Don't say that," I furrow my brows, "I wanted you. I still do. It's not your fault, you can't blame yourself... I'm just as much at fault as you are because I fell for you. You pulled me in and made me love you, but I would never want to undo our actions."

"April, he needs to pay for what he did to you. No man is ever allowed to hit a woman, he's the sc-m of the Earth for as much as touching you."

"Alex, I'm begging you. Don't do anything about him. Please... Alex, please," I beg.

He sighs again, rubbing his forehead and I can tell he's raging mad and upset. I take his hands in mine, looking at him. After placing his hands around my neck, I wrap my arms around his strong body, sliding onto his lap.

"Please, Alex. Don't hurt me that way, because being without you is worse than anything Liam could ever do to me," I close my eyes, leaning against his chest, and I feel him soothingly stroke my back. Something hits me, and I sniffle, suppressing tears again. Alex hugs me tighter, and I lift my head. He cups my face and kisses my cheeks, followed by my eyes and my forehead, making sure not to hurt my bruised nose, until all my tears are gone.

"Don't cry," his voice is soft, sending pleasant shivers down my spine. "I love you. We'll be alright. We'll be alright." He rocks me back and forth and I bury my face in his neck.

"Alex, I want you to make love to me now. Make me forget everything. I want to forget my own name," my voice is raspy and I have a need for him, all of a sudden. He kisses me fiercely, as my fingers run through his hair. He lays me down on the bed, climbing on top of me, never breaking our kiss. He works his way down my neck and my eyes roll back in pleasure, as he teases me with his lips. I kiss his collarbone, and suck on his neck, finding my way to the special spot behind his ear, the one where he goes crazy when someone touches it. I softly kiss it and hear his moans of pleasure, smiling wickedly, before attacking his mouth again hungrily.

Let's just say in the end I did forget everything, not only my name but Liam's too... the only thing that stayed put in my mind was Alex.


That was so shitty, oh my God. I don't even know why I had this all planned out in my head and then I sat down to write it and it just turned out like complete BS. Just a side note, I am in no way trying to say that hitting a girl/woman is acceptable or anything like that. Quite the contrary, it's a terrible thing which no woman should ever have to go through but this is just my way of adding drama to my roleplay. The Liam thing won't end with this, by the way, there'll be a lot of other stuff happening soon, I'm planning to make this like into a long-ish drama-adding-thing. Also, layout credit to Camille!
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