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26 NOV 
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The door stood right in front of me, and my knuckles were still touching it but they didn't answer. They didn't seem attached to my body. Adrenaline pumped through my veins and my knees were wobbly, barely supporting the weight of my body. 

I couldn't do it.

But I couldn't walk away from it, either.

So finally, I knocked. It seemed to take the effort needed to weight a hundred pounds. 

About to knock one more time, the door opened soundly and I saw Travis's face.

He smiled at me, but his eyes didn't seem as warm. The bags under his eyes were getting bigger, and a few new wrinkles had appeared on his forehead and eyes. To be honest, he didn't look at all good, yet my heart started to race like every time we were together.

"I-I didn't know you were, um, coming" he said, and stood aside to let me in. "Come in, please"

The familiar living room welcomed me. 

I could have closed my eyes and still walk through the room without stumbling or hitting anything. That was how used to being in there I was. And it still felt like some sort of home. 

I didn't dare to sit on the leather couch, so I just stood there awkwardly gazing at him.

"Layla, I... I'm so sorry for everything that has been going on" he started, standing in front of me with a pleading expression, "what happened with Jolene and me didn't mean a thing, you know I love you"

Inside of me there was a voice that wanted to tell him that I loved him, too. But the words "didn't mean a thing" seemed to mean something I was totally missing out.

"What do you mean it didn't mean a thing?"

"Uh, well, you know, the love confession, and, well, the kiss"

"Wait, what?" I said a little bit louder than I should have.

I tried to remember every bit of conversation I had had with Jolene the other night, and she never confessed such thing. She said nothing had happened.

The need to punch her was stronger than ever.

"Jolene came to my room very late, and she started to ramble about her problems, and I listened to her, she was a mess. And well she started to cry and I tried to calm her down, and that was when she started to tell me she was in love with me" 

I could perfectly imagine it. The scene was painfully clear in my mind, and I could see Jolene's face contorted in sobs and hear her tell her how long she had been into him. How she looked for his lips and kissed them.

"... then she kissed me, but I told her I was sorry, that I only saw her as a friend" he finished his tale, looking at me strangely in the eyes. "Didn't Jo tell you that?"

"What? Oh, yeah, she did" 

He reached in closer and grabbed one of my hands, clutching it tight under his. "Layla, I miss you like you have no idea"

I let my fingers wrap around his and take one step forward, with our noses about to touch, his bread tickling in my cheeks.

"I miss you a lot, too"

"So..." he said, now with his nose touching my cheek and his lips dangerously near mine, "do you forgive me?"

"There's nothing to forgive, Trav" I said in a whisper before pressing my lips into his.

( type: "my return to you" if you read it all hehe )
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