Is the taste youre lips allow.

<3 ed sheeran!

deff love that genre of music!

So, I just want to say what and why im thankful this year since tomorrow is thanksgiving.

On Saturday, my sister got in a car accident(i have a picture of her car on my instagram), and she totaled her car. She was going in and out while they put her on a stretcher and in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. She had a concussion, sprained shoulder, and some bruises. Other than that, she is fine. They told us that if she wasnt wearing her seatbelt, she couldve died. 

the thought of not having my sister around kinda woke me up. I know, she annoys the living hell outta me sometimes, but I love her. She is family, and i know she does many things for me. I'm thankful that God was watching over her and made sure she was alright. I'm thankful for such a loving family, and a support group full of friends! I'm also thankful for getting my job back(i needed it), and for being able to mend my past. 
This year has brought heartache, pain, sadness, financial issues, health issues, and many more bad things but its also brought, life, family, friends, and happiness. I'm kind of excited for the new year and i cant wait to focus more on my career.

If you want to contact me, just add me on 

instagram: rainbowheadedpixie



((Im ALWAYS on twitter and instagram))
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