Life Update:
You may be wondering what happened to me, especially since I was running a frickin' group and making sets every other d-mn day. Well, here's what's up.
1. Winter break ended, and I'm back at school. But mostly:
2. I got really sick over break and thought it was the flu, so ignored it. But I spent days not being able to eat and/or vomiting, and when I got back to the dorms, I ran a fever for two nights before my friends sent me to the ER. At that point I was very dehydrated and hadn't had anything to eat in maybe three days. After an excruciating hospital visit, I found myself saddled with a ridiculous amount of medication - one for the problem, which is apparently very serious (my mom likes to remind me via phone at least once a day that I need to take care of it) and I feel very lucky that I went to the ER then, and didn't wait longer, because it can be deadly if you don't do anything, or need surgery to help.
Anyways, I've been out of class all day too exhausted to do much, which is where I've been. I have pills to stop me from throwing up so that I can eat, but it's still disheartening to hear from people who keep saying like, "You're too skinny" because I know I should eat more, but d-mmit, I haven't used my stomach properly in so long that it takes /TIME/ to work back up to normal. I'm still not taking in enough food every day, but I'm able to eat, which is good. My weight was maybe ~120~125 when I was hospitalized because I couldn't keep any food down, and I stopped trying to, and I was so dehydrated (v. bad if you're hecka tall like me) so I need to work on that. I feel really weak and I don't like it at all. It's an uncomfortable feeling.
Also, I had a followup doctor's appointment today, and although I'm usually quite nice to strangers, she was extremely rude and accusatory when I just wanted to ask some questions about what was going on, and the appointment ended with, "I'm the doctor, so either you do what I say and you want my help, or you don't." Student Health Services sucks. I want a real doctor.

My life is p. weird. If you read this, I am glad you cared to read about my life, and you should tell me about yours if ya want. I'm actually up for responding to PMs.
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