Right Here - The Story So Far

My title comes from TSSF's new single, which just excites me even more for their new album! Woo, March 26th!

Anyway, I never really got to make a set explaining my time at Of Mice & Men.

To make it simple at first, it was fucking PERFECT.

We got in early with our fast lane, so I was on barricade right in front of Phil. The first four bands were amazing, but I especially loved Volumes and Woe, Is Me. Woe performed We R Who We R and Volumes was just badass.

Capture The Crown was okay, not great. Texas In July was pretty sick, too. I elbowed the girl behind me a few times and actually smacked heads with her. It was awesome.

When Of Mice & Men went on, I thought I was going to cry. They went right into O.G. Loko and I went fucking nuts. Austin screamed right in my face and held my hand during one of the songs. After one of the songs, me and my friend Sarah yelled to Tino and he looked right at her, then me and made a heart out of his hands and smiled his beautiful smile at us. I thought I was going to die.

During The Calm, we had our phones out and lit up the entire venue and they recorded it. They got a picture of the band and the crowd after The Depths and you can actually see me in the picture! I was so happy that our date was the first night with their photographer, Adam Elmakias.

Second & Sebring, which was the encore, was absolutely beautiful. I recorded the whole thing and will actually put it on YouTube soon. I actually cried during it, lol.

After the show I waited outside the bus for an hour and a half in the cold and it even started to snow. Turns out, the band was still at the venue and I actually caught everyone (even Maddie Carina, except for Phil). As they were walking back. Aaron gave me a big bear hug and I almost died. Tino smiled at me and Alan tripped in the snow and it was the funniest thing.

The best part was probably seeing Austin. At first, he managed to get into the bus without everyone seeing him. Then he pulled up the blind on the door and shook his head, making motions to tell us to go home. It was rather cold and they were starting to get sick. I opened up my drawing of Austin and showed it to him. That was when he opened the door and came out.

He said he couldn't take pictures or sign anything, but said he would come and say hi. He gave me two hugs and said hi to everyone, telling us to get home since it was getting so cold. It was absolutely perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better night.
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