Tuesday December 11: Shopping Group Trip to the city for Christmas Shopping. Or just spoiling yourself.


Collab with @chrissykinz 

"As much as i love shopping i hate it at the same time." I said to Lou while keeping my eye out for a Christmas present good enough for Benny. He was seriously the pickiest person i ever meet when it came to Christmas presents. 

"Is that because you have so many boy toys you don't know who to buy for?" Lou teased with a grin. 

"I believe you're confusing me with Holly." I retorted with an eye roll. I don't know why everyone thought i had all these 'boy toys.' I was just a flirt and besides i hardly went out on dates. 

"Oh, don't worry i know Holly is much more of a 
man eater than you." Lou laughed while picking up the shirt she had been eying for the past 10 minutes. 

"Is that suppose to make me feel better?" I asked dryly. Because it didn't. 

"It was meant to." She nodded looking at the shirts price tag and wrinkling her nose "But i am assuming it didn't." She said looking up at my scowling face. 

"Was it that obvious?" I asked sarcastically.
"Must have been for me to notice." She joked.

"I see you got jokes today Lou Lou." I said smirking once i saw her roll her eyes at the mention of her nickname. 

"What is with you and giving people ridiculous nicknames?" She asked while raising an eyebrow. 

I took offense to that. I didn't give people ridiculous nicknames. I gave them the best ones. 
"I have no idea what you're talking about." I shrugged while feigning innocence, "I would never do such a thing." I added while picking up pricey shirt i decided was worth it for Benny.

"Of course you wouldn't." Lou said rolling her eyes. 

"Are you going to buy that?" She said nodding her head towards the shirt i picked. I nodded "Yeah i think Benny will like it."

"You sure you don't want to confirm that with Holly?" She questioned with a grin, "She has been spending quite a bit of time with him."

I rolled my eyes, "And? That means what?" 

"Oh nothing." Lou shrugged, "Holly just might be able to help you pick something out for Benny." 

I scoffed, "I think i know what to get my brother." 

"You would think that but brothers are just.." She said shaking her head lacking a word that fit.

"Brothers." I said nodding understanding "How is your brother? Liam?" 

"Lachlan and honestly i have no idea. He changes moods quickly , it's hard to keep up."

"Yeah i know how that is." I said nodding my head. Benny was the exact same way when he was a teenager. Thank god he grew out of that moody phase. Well sorta. 

"How did you keep up with Benny?" She asked.

I laughed, remembering exactly how i kept Benny and his moods in line, "It involved a lot of threatening on my end and promises to hit him every time he got rude." 

"And that worked?" She asked skeptically while raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah." I shrugged, "But Benny was a very difficult teenager and from what little i know of your brother he doesn't seem anything at all like Benny." I added, "So i wouldn't go around threatening him just yet." 

"Hmm. It sounds pretty tempting to be honest." Lou said scrunching her face as she pulled out a dress and looked it over. 

"Well even though i don't know much about your brother i am pretty sure that isn't his colour." I said nudging my head towards the dress giggling.

"Not at all." Lou giggled, "Are you done here? Because i'm starving." She added putting the dress back. 

"Yeah." I said nodding my head and just realizing how hungry i was as well, "Just let me go pay for this." 

"Alright i'll wait for you outside." She said, "Be fast Everleigh." She added with a smirk while i cringed at the use of my full name. 

"Of course Lou Lou." I said back, smirking with triumph as i saw her shake her head.

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