You're hard to hug, 
tough to talk to
And I never fall asleep, 
when you're in my bed
All you give me is a heartbeat
I've turned into a statue
And it makes me feel depressed
Cause the only time you open up 
is when we get undressed

You don't love me, 
big f'cking deal
I'll never tell, you how I feel
You don't love me, 
not a big deal
I'll never tell you how I feel

It almost feels like a joke to play out the part
When you are not the starring role in someone else's heart
You know I'd rather walk alone, than play a supporting role
If I can't get the starring role.
Sometimes I ignore you 
so I feel in control
Cause really, 
I adore you, 
and I can't leave you alone
Fed up with the fantasies, 
they cover what is wrong
Come on, baby,
let's just, 
get drunk,
forget we don't get on

You like my dad, you get on well
I send my best, regards from hell


wow this set took a while, i hope it was worth it.
so i just had a massive downloading sesh of ATL & Marina and the Diamonds; turns out i actually was MISSING some ATL songs from their earlier albums... maybe that why it took so long for me to make this set c;
i was tagged & im bored so; thanks to @katierose
i have something to occupy me c;

1. Full name: nice try
2. 3 fears: failing my exams; life. having one of my panic attacks in public. falling hard for the wrong boy. failure.
3. 4 turn on's: Nice hair, Irish Accents, Honesty, Nice arms/Strong arms [sporty]
4. 4 turn offs: Shallow, Arrogance [too much of it, some is kinda hot ngl], Selfishness, chauvinism
5. My best friend(s): are crazy to say the least; couldn’t live without them though, they’re the only ones that keep me going. Love them All
6. How tall I am: 5” 4 [and a half]
7. What time I was born: lol I was an early muur’f’cker, which is ironic because I hate mornings & im always late.
8. favourite color: black, I know its not really a colour so glitter, silver, sparkles!
9. Favorite quote: ‘Let’s make like a Swear word and f’ck’ & ‘Voulez vous coucher avec moi?’

10. Favourite food: Honey&Vanilla Chamomile tea, Coke & Dr. Pepper Zero c;
11. What I am listening to right now: maroon5 ‘One More Night’ – one of the only mainstream songs I can bear to listen to, adam Levine is my guilty pleasure, his voice is so sexy. Plus the song is kinda topical. Lol my f’cked up life.
12. eye colour: hazel/green/amber
13. Hair colour: well. I am a brunette, have been blonde, strawverry blonde, pink, red, now its ombre; natural brown down to blonde tipps. I did it before it became mainstream I swear guys :p
14. Favourite song: asdfghjkl. I love marianas trench, atl, mcr, youmeatsix etc. lets not go for one song, although I am listening to ‘Outlines’ a lot lately c:
15. My nicknames: if I tell you that you’ll figure out my name… although I can say that one of them is one of the countries I’m from, especially when we’re playing team sports & my friends are screaming for me to hit the ball(;
16. Favourite animal: wolves, Alsatians, guinea-pigs, elephants, leopards etc.
17. My favourite ice-cream: Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food Frozen Yoghurt
18. Describe your first kiss: oh dear. Well. If I forget the awkward youngyoungyoung ones, then I guess a few years ago, with a guy who was waay too old for me, and still would be even if I was kissing him right now; uh I guess he kinda knew what he was doing & I kinda had no idea. So yeah, awkward, stunted. Kind of unpleasant. Wet c; Anything since then I don’t want to count, either it was a mistake or I was drunk so, im not counting it till its with a guy I want it to be with…

apologies if u hate tags

looove you ♥
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