Song: Follow Me: Uncle Kracker
Yay! This set turned out completely different from what I originally planned it to be :D Oh, how I love when that happens.
I'm combining days 20 and 21 of the 30 day challenge.

Day 20 asks:
"Concerts you have attended"
 ~I actually have never been to a concet unless you count school choir concerts.

Day 21 asks:
"Turn ons and Turn offs"
 ~Turn on:
 -When a guy reads (And not just magazines)
 -blonde hair (Although I don't discriminate other hair colors, I just really love blonde hair :) )
 -Guys with a sense of humor
 -intelligent guys (Or at least guys with common sense)
 -Guys who are kinds
 -Nerdy guys (Not geeky guys, nerdy guys. There is actually a difference)
 -Healthy guys (They don't have to be buff, just healthy)
 ~Turn offs:
 -Guys who are disrespectful
 -Guys who wear skinny jeans
 -Cocky guys
 -Guys who sexist, racist, or homophobic

Ha, if you read this far, kudos to you! Here's a gold sticker for your troubles!

Peace off, my lovelies!
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