2011/06/30 Low connection comments later,Thanks for still support I try hard to review your sets but i can't see it as well.

Before I go to U.S I want to made a set for my Steph,
and really when you alone you'll miss me right,or you not thinking about me or your eyes focus only this guy.
I know..
It's all my fault
I can't believe it you'll into Hyun Bin even if I only ask you if you have time can you watching Non stop 4 with me its kinda old Korean sitcom you'll dislike it.
And now without I ask you again ,you come to K-drama without I'm order after finished My princess&East of eden you into " Song Seung Hun" and now " Hyun Bin" 
so Who's next ?

I leaving Tokyo around 7 days or less!!!!
I hope you'll take care my cats,my room and my DVD player and hope you'll come to polyvore just some time.

On your shool break for 2 week i hope you'll finishe Drama marathone and 
This is just for you
So hot Hyun Bin oppa
I knew he's hot and super handsome right.
and sure everyone take their eyes on him
look in to his aura you 'll scrame when you sign in and see before i leaving i made sth HOT for you

Takecare and i bring you for Hyun Bin oppa takecare you replace me 1 week.

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