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october fourteenth 

For about two weeks now, I had been completely introverted. I had barely even left the comfort of my blankets, except for classes and when Marley forced me out of my apartment. I didn’t really know /what/ was wrong with me. I knew I wasn’t my usual, bright self.

It was ten o’clock in the morning and I was still sleeping. I peeled the blankets off my body and realized that I must’ve been going crazy. Normally I was up at eight, already making breakfast and going for a run.

“Luna, what am I doing?” I talked to my little golden puppy, who just looked up at me with hungry eyes. Oh yes, I had forgotten to feed her this morning. I stood up, a little dizzy for no apparent reason and scooped a cup of dog food into Luna’s bowl.

I patted her head. “Sorry girl,” I frowned. 

One thing was for sure, I needed to get out of the house and get back to being… well, normal Tallulah. 

Considering I didn’t know my roommate, miss Elizabeth Kennedy too well, she didn’t question my antics. I figured she was out to breakfast with one of the girls down the hall. Probably like I should have been. 

But I wasn’t. 
But I was going to… eventually. 

Seattle wasn’t my home. It never had been. I should’ve know that when I moved here. I didn’t /really/ belong here, at least not yet. I mean, I needed time to adjust. That much was expected but it had been three weeks. 

Maybe I was being silly. I mean, I had friends here (wait, did I?) and some family here. I was only here to study. That’s what I should’ve been focusing on, instead of this nostalgia thing I had going on.

I decided that in order to relax, I would take a long, hot bubble bath and paint my nails a soft nude color. Once that was done perfectly, I let out a sigh of relief, feeling a bit better. I picked up my phone, debating whether to call someone or just go solo.

In the end, I piled a few textbooks and my laptop into my bag and trekked down the stairs, seeing Elizabeth on the way down.

“Hi!” I said, smiling.

Truthfully, I had barely said three words to the girl since I’d been here. I didn’t even know where she came from, her middle name… I didn’t even know what her major was. Okay, I was a bad roommate and I’d admit that. 

“Hey Tallulah,” she said, the name feeling weird in her mouth. “What’re you up to?”

I shrugged.
“I think I’m going to go to that café down the street and read or study or something…” I drifted off. “Do you want to come?”

I waited until Elizabeth spoke to even move a muscle.
“Sure.” She finally said. “Yeah, that sounds cool. I’ve been meaning to ask you,” Elizabeth jumped right in to a full-blown conversation, chattering away as I meekly responded and followed her down the stairs.

We made our way to the café, which was barely five minutes away from campus. I regretfully didn’t bring a jacket, forgetting that the temperature in Seattle was hardly sixty degrees. I shivered and was grateful when we reached the place.

The warm aroma of coffee and baked goods invited me inside. I couldn’t resist getting a large cup of coffee and sitting at a little table tucked neatly in the back.

“I think I like this place quite a lot,” I nodded, looking around the place and not seeing that many people, but those that I did see, I seemed to like.

Elizabeth laughed. “Yeah, especially when there’s guys like him here.” She pointed to a tall, dirty blonde man at the counter.

“Oh,” I sighed heavily. 
“That, that I like.” I laughed, feeling like a school girl.

We continued to gawk at this amazingly handsome guy… that was, of course, until he spotted us staring. I immediately turned bright red. But then I realized I didn’t really care that he had caught us. 

Bravely, I waved to him. He nodded his head in my direction.

“Tallulah!” Elizabeth gasped.

I laughed. “What? Maybe he’ll come say hi.”

Apparently I was right, because he waltzed over once he had gotten his coffee. “Hi girls.”

Elizabeth giggled, and escaped to go laugh some more at the counter while she got another pastry. “What’s your name?” I asked.

“It’s Callum. Cal, if you will.”

“I will,” I smirked. 
“I’m Tallulah.” 

“That’s an interesting name…” he answered, pulling a chair near and sitting down.

I shrugged and simply said; “I’m an interesting gal.” 

Cal laughed, a big hearty laugh. 
“Oh, I’m sure you are.”

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